5 Tips To Creating A Custom Marketing Plan


Tons of imagination and creativity is needed with every marketing plan. The reason for this is that a marketing plan brings a specific business into existence. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so any marketing gimmick has to speak for itself without further details to explain it. It has to send a message to the customers, clients, and investors and that message has to be direct, clear, and elaborate. This ensures that any marketing plan will be a business or investment potential.

That being said, any marketing plan must be carefully thought of to meet the demands of the business firm. Details such as what which medium to be used, the extent or reach of the advertisements, and even the income levels of the target audience. Such a plan might include using designs from Wraps studio such as metallic gold, zebra skin, or psychedelics.

Here’s a rundown of 5 tips to creating a custom marketing plan:

  1.  Give more attention to what you’re selling

This is a fundamental principle, almost no-brainer, but unfortunately the most neglected rule. Most are fixated on minor details such as the art and the visuals that they forget to focus on the product or service being endorsed to customers. Remember, the product or service gets the spotlight, and all other elements are simply the supporting actors and actresses, but still, most got it the other way around. 

The product or service must be as clear and as direct as possible. With one glance, the customers must know what the product or service is all about- not being kept in the dark like some sort of thriller movie or mystery that leaves them guessing. An average person will only look at the marketing ad for a few seconds before he or she makes a “go or no-go” decision. The marketing material must cater to their attention and spark up their interest and curiosity. This will define the success of the marketing plan.

  1.  Remember the principle of KISS
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KISS originally stands for “keep it simple, stupid” but has now been changed to “keep it short and simple”, to omit the unpleasant language. When formulating a marketing plan, make sure that the general public will be able to comprehend and understand your details. Avoid using technical language and jargons, instead, use language that is simple and self-explanatory. The layman will not devote much of his or her time trying to understand what you’re trying to say because the language is too industry-specific.

  1.  Give your customers a way to contact you

A marketing plan will not succeed without contacts. Customers should have a variety of ways to contact your business should he or she find interest in what you’re marketing. The more ways of contact, the better it’ll be for interested customers. A good contact includes your business’s physical address, and place your email address and other forms of social networking such as Facebook, Viber, and WeChat.

  1.  The overall marketing should look professional

It is really uninviting to see an ad composed of poorly-placed and poorly-rendered elements. You need to show sincerity and professionalism if you want customers to take your business seriously. Shape, lines, and other vector arts should be of high quality, not pixelated or jagged. Photographs should be in high definition. Text and fonts should be readable and pleasing to the eyes, not a pain to read against the background it is placed on.

  1.  Decide on a reasonable extent or reach

Another thing to remember is not to overdo the overall marketing plan. Do not saturate a specific area with a lot of ads that it becomes too redundant. In the same way, do not spread it out too much that interested customers have to travel far away to reach your business unless of course, you do online deliveries.