Boost chatbot to assist Kenyan mobile consumers select and buy the best airtime bundles


Boost by Overview has launched to help users select and buy the best airtime bundle for their needs after analyzing a user’s requirements for data, SMS and minutes.

Boost helps users compare, select and purchase the bundles that fit you best at no cost.

“When you buy for 100 KES of airtime, you will receive 100 KES of airtime. Not a bob less,” said Overview, the firm behind Boost. “Sometimes, but not always. We buy airtime in big volume from providers and we sell it in small packages. Because we buy in bulk, we get a cheaper price. That’s how we make money.”

There are more than 200 bundles on the market in Kenya. Boost wrote an algorithm that analyses them all, taking all possible variables into account. That’s the machine part. It also wrote reviews for every single bundle analyzing the fine print—or absence of it. Boost helps users find bundles that best fit a user’s needs so user’s simply compare and select.

At the moment, Boost can only be used in Kenya and is working hard to expand to other markets. Founded in 2016, Overview Finance Inc., has offices in the US, Nairobi and Brussels, Belgium.

“We believe that making the right decisions is not difficult when you have all the information,” said the firm. “The difficulty is finding the information: unbiased, correct and up-to-date. We use technology to extract such information and make it accessible. Our ambition is to make data work for the people that need it most.”

The Boost chatbot solves the asymmetric distribution of information between mobile network operators and consumers. the team says it objectively analyzes, compares and reviews all airtime bundles on the market in Kenya and assists consumers in selecting and purchasing the best bundles for their needs and budgets.

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The team is led by Hans Pauwels, Charles-Axel Pauwels and Henri-Jérôme Pauwels and works across Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom and Faiba 4G for both data, SMS and calls.