Top E-Commerce Trends for Online Retail Success


There is no doubt that a lot of consumers are shifting to online shopping. This is why brick and mortar shops back in 2017 had a ‘retail apocalypse’ scare, because people would rather enjoy the convenience of ordering online than the tedious task of going out to the store. Indeed, in a report made by Statistica, they saw that by 2012 there will be an expected increase of 246.15% in global e-Commerce sales. That is about $4.5 trillion.

However, there is more to e-Commerce than just offering ordering options online. It involves reaching and strengthening the relationship with consumers and consistent marketing to keep them wanting for more. So here is a quick guide on e-Commerce trends you need to know so that your online business grows as consumer preferences changes.

Website’s mobile adaptability

Today, people access the web more on their mobile devices rather than on a personal computer. It makes sense, smartphones and tablets are compact and easy to bring. If you are a person who is always out and about doing work or errands, the best way to be online are through mobile devices.

For this reason, making sure that your website adapts to mobile is pertinent. It is so important that even Google made it a criteria for search engine ranking.

It does not just end with being mobile-friendly, but your website has to perform as fast too. You can check your web hosting if your website’s performance becomes poor when the website becomes closed-packed. If it does, you might want to consider changing your current hosting plan. You can also redesign your website to a more simplistic layout, one that is neat and straightforward. Click here to read more about when you should consider a website redesign for your business. 

Selling the experience rather than the product

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Millennials and Gen Zs, the biggest market you need to sell to, care more about the experience a product brings them rather than the product itself. This is why a lot of brands have shifted their advertisements from showcasing their product features to telling stories about real people.

Just look at Coca-Cola’s ads like Share a Coke or The Wonder of Us. Each of their campaigns highlight bonding with friends and family, and the need to share the positive vibes with everybody.

So look at your products? What kind of experience should it inspire from consumers and how you can show that in your marketing and advertising materials?

Using chatbots for online ordering

Right now, chatbots are being used to answer customer inquiries and send out marketing materials directly to the consumer’s personal message inbox. A great alternative to sending out emails, chatbots make interacting with your business more humanised.

However, you can upgrade the experience further by using chatbots to take the orders from your online shop. Based on an inquiry, your chatbot can start recommending items that the customer may like. Think of this as creating a virtual salesperson bringing the items to the customer rather than leaving them to the tedious task of looking for the item themselves.

Fast delivery

Both Google and Amazon have set up shipping centres so they can send out packages on the same day consumers have ordered them. Once same-day and next-day deliveries become the norm, and they will be, a lot of e-Commerce sites must partner with logistics companies to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of the consumers in lightning fast speed.

Online retail success starts with the quality of products you are selling and how well you market them. Keep these tips in mind when you are creating marketing campaigns and gimmicks to make sure your e-Commerce website comes out on top.