Founders Factory Africa partners Standard Bank to build & scale 100 technology startups

Founders Factory Africa Accelerator offer an operational team of local and global specialists, a tailored and comprehensive 6-month program, corporate infrastructure and business opportunities, access to a local and Global VC and investment network and the wider Founders Family and ecosystem plus £30,000 cash and £100k+ in services.
Founders Factory is looking for startups that are in-market, with customers/users, post-revenue (not necessarily profit-generating), have a strong founding team, its business can scale Africa-wide and is technology-enabled, but not necessarily tech-focused in sectors including finTech, health, retail, energy, transportation, education operating in any country in Africa, or outside Africa but wishing to enter/scale into the continent.
“Founders Factory Africa will transform Africa’s startup economy by designing purpose built scalable technology businesses, deliver new capital flows and develop the best talent,” said Roo. “We will be creating and growing businesses in Africa across four sectors: health, energy, fintech and education. With a focus on scale, technology and impact, our businesses will serve the needs of economies that are facing unprecedented growth and demand for utility-based products and services.”

As the lead investor in Founders Factory Africa, Standard Bank is opening up its incredible infrastructure and vast assets to support Africa’s startup community. Fintech startups accepted into Founders Factory Africa will have access to branches, big data, insights into regulation, brand and customer acquisition, as well as capital structuring expertise. This bespoke corporate engagement and strategic investment ushers in a new era of collaboration- instead of competition – for African startups.

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