Here are the 10 best seed-stage startups pitching at Seedstars Lagos


On October 19, 10 of Nigeria’s best seed-stage startups will compete to represent the country at the Seedstars Summit and win up to USD one million in equity investments and other prizes. Here are the 10 startups selected to compete at Seedstars Nigeria 6th edition.

Besides representing Nigeria at the Seedstars Regional Africa Summit, the winner will win an all-inclusive trip to Switzerland, to compete at the Seedstars Summit for the title of Seedstars Global Winner and up to USD one million in equity investments and other prizes.

Nigeria was previously represented by Medsaf, with their innovative technology platform where hospitals and pharmacies can purchase and manage their medications in one place. Medsaf went on to be one of the 10 finalists pitching at the Seedstars World event on April 2018. Medsaf will be telling us more about their experience during the event.

The top startups to advance to the finals are:

  • Aspire Power Solutions: We work to eliminate the barriers that limit access to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources.  
  • Beat Drone: Beat Drone uses drones to improve harvest yields and reduce production cost, thus making food affordable & eliminating hunger & poverty.
  • Biyabot: Biya is a chat-based payment platform that allows users make payments as well as allow merchants request and receive payments via messaging.
  • Bridgebooks: Bridgebooks provides SMEs a platform to structure their business finances, Access finances and make smart financial decisions.
  • Chekkit Technologies Inc.: Chekkit is a blockchain powered anti-counterfeiting, real-time supply chain tracking and customer experience analytics platform.
  • DropQue: Dropque uses a combination of one way unassisted video interviews and a powerful AI assessment assistant to get companies the best candidate.
  • Insight Africa: We help schools improve studdents’ performance in Maths and the sciences to world class standards.
  • Natterbase: We are increasing the speed and quality of software development.
  • NextCounsel Limited: At NextCounsel, we simplify, automate and scale up on a law firm’s workflow using our comprehensive modules such as Time & Billing Mgt etc.
  • Termii: Termii is a Saas platform that helps teams secure repeat customers through personalized emails and sms sent across multiple channels.

The event is supported by Cisco, who will be hosting the event’s bootcamp on October 16.