Microsoft MCSA Azure Developer Certification with PrepAway Practice Test Questions



Microsoft exam 70-487 is designed to test the learners’ skills in the development of Windows Azure and Web Services. Microsoft 70-487 exam is one of the six tests you can pass to receive MCSD: App Builder certification and some may argue that this exam is one of the most complex on the list.

This article will give you a comprehensive insight into what 70-487 exam entails including the types of questions and tips to acing the test on your first try.

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Who Can Take This Exam?

Microsoft exam 70-487 is designed for the candidates who use the Microsoft .NET Core Framework and the Visual Studio 2017 to design and develop solutions for the web. The candidates are required to have certain skills and experience in using Microsoft web development software. Some of the requirements for this exam are:

  • Experience in using and developing ASP.NET MVC-based solutions and HTTP services
  • Proficiency in designing and developing solutions that can be defined as asynchronous
  • Experience in developing and deploying Windows Azure as well as other multi-tier environments
  • Skills in designing and developing web applications capable of accessing Windows Azure and other data services

Skills Tested by Microsoft Exam 70-487

Microsoft PrepAway MCSA 70-487 exam measures the candidates’ skills in a variety of technical fields that are associated with Windows Azure and web development. The exam consists of 42 questions that contain case studies as well as theoretical and practical questions. The technical skill sets tested in the exam include:

Accessing Data

20-25% questions in Microsoft exam 70-487 are dedicated to Accessing Data. Some of the skills tested under this category include:

  • Ability to choose appropriate data access technologies
  • Implementing caching
  • Implementing transactions
  • Creating and implementing WFC Data Services
  • Implementing data storage in Microsoft Azure

Using the Entity Framework to Query and Manipulate Data

This skill set is checked in 20-25% of the overall questions in Microsoft exam 70-487. It is a broad category that tests the following skills:

  • Ability to query data using LINQ and to transfer them to Entities
  • Ability to use the Data Provider for Entity Framework to query and manipulate data
  • Ability to use ADO-NET to query and manipulate data
  • Ability to work with third parties to implement the Entity Framework
  • Ability to create an Entity Framework model of data

Creating and Utilizing Web API-Based Services

20-25% of the overall questions in Microsoft exam 70-487 are dedicated to Web API-Based Services. Skills tested under this category include:

  • Designing a Web API
  • Implementing a Web API
  • Hosting and managing Web API
  • Securing a Web API
  • Consuming and utilizing Web API services

Designing and Implementing Web Services

This skill set category is checked in 15-20% of the overall questions in Microsoft exam 70-487. Skills tested under this category include:

  • Implementing and managing traffic in Azure
  • Implementing and managing serverless Azure web services
  • Consuming and utilizing WCF services
  • Implementing Azure API Management
  • Monitoring web services

Deploying Web Applications and Services

This skill set category is checked in 15-20% of the overall questions in Microsoft exam 70-487. Skills tested under this category include:

  • Ability to design a deployment strategy
  • Ability to choose an appropriate deployment strategy for Azure
  • Ability to configure a web application for deployment
  • Ability to use NuGet to manage packages
  • Ability to share assemblies among multiple servers and applications

Acing Microsoft Exam 70-487 – Proven Tips

Microsoft exam 70-487 opens up a lot of opportunities to the qualified candidates. However, one has to not only pass the test but achieve outstanding results to unlock these opportunities and benefits. The only way to do this (besides meeting the requirements outlined above) is to prepare in advance. Fortunately, numerous resources are available to help candidates prepare for this and many other tests. These resources include:


  • Tailored Books


Numerous books contain all the information necessary to prepare for 70-487 exam. This book was published by Microsoft – it contains updated information regarding decision-making and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in exam 70-487.


  • Online Training Courses


Microsoft also offers a range of study resources designed to perfect the candidates’ Azure skills. These resources come in a comprehensive toolkit, which is available online for free.


  • Instructor-led Courses


Candidates can also take a five-day course led by a specialized instructor. This is one of the best study options as the training is interactive and comprehensive. The candidates can learn more about instructor-led courses online.


  • Microsoft MCSA Practice Tests


There are numerous practice tests related to 70-487. These tests can be easily found online. The tests may be complemented with various tutorial videos that are also available on the Internet.



  • Networking


Individuals are recommended to interact with their fellow candidates as everyone has something to share and contribute. There are many forums and online communities that facilitate this. Official forums include exam 70-487 Wiki and exam 70-487 forum, both of which are hosted by Microsoft and are easily accessible.


  • Experience


The best way to secure a pass in Microsoft 70-487 exam is to have as much experience with ASP.NET MVC-based solutions as possible. It helps the candidate to get acquainted with other web development programs.

To learn more about ASP.NET.


Microsoft exam 70-487 is a significant step for developers who want to take full advantage of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer App Builder certification. It is a comprehensive test that assesses the candidates’ mastery in various fields of IT. It may seem intimidating to novice candidates, but the proper preparation guarantees you a pass and the much-coveted certification.