The Stages of College Essay Writing

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Essay writing is no easy feat. It is one of those academic assignments every student fears because it takes a lot of time and requires individual research. With so little time available for all your responsibilities in college, it is understandable that most students hate essay writing. Well, it is an inevitable part of every college program and to make your life easier, it is advisable to learn how to write the best essays or get reliable expert who writes essays for you.

A good essay requires extensive research and in the process, you learn a lot of stuff. What’s more, it is an opportunity to hone your writing skills and develop crucial thinking skills. These skills will come in handy later in your career. There are various stages required for a successful essay and this article explores each in detail to help you out. Keep reading.

  1. The Essay Planning Phase

This is the most important phase in writing and yet most students ignore it in a rush to complete their assignment. They say failing to plan is akin to planning to fail and this maxim applies aptly for essay writing. Without a clear roadmap for your essay, you will most likely get stuck along the way.   

Failure to plan for tasks is the main cause of stress among college students and when it comes to essay writing, it causes panic and frustrations. A 2008 mental health study by the Associated Press and mtvU reported than 8 in 10 college students frequently experience stress in their daily life. By failing to plan your work, you inevitably experience panic attacks when deadlines approach and this can lead to worse health problems in the future.

At the planning phase of your essay, complete the following tasks:

    1. Topic brainstorming
    2. Thesis development
    3. Identification and gathering of necessary materials
    4. Reading samples from the internet and other sources
    5. Narrowing down on the subject you want to tackle
    6. Going through the essay requirements to ensure you understand everything


  • Identify the objectives of your essay


  1. The Research and Writing Phase
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Now that you have borrowed down on the topic you wish to handle, it is time to get down to work. At this stage, you will start poring through the sources of materials you have identified. It is advisable to extend your sources beyond the traditional ones and include the internet as part of your references.

You will get credible sources of information and you need to note all of these down for reference. You can use note taking apps or use any other tools that will help you organize your thoughts for the draft writing.  

At this stage, you should also create an outline for your essay once you have enough resources to use. A good essay outline includes the topic, introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs each with a new idea and a conclusion. The outline serves as your roadmap and ensures you don’t miss any point.  You will then use the outline to compose your first essay draft. This draft should be close enough to the final work because you will include citations and all your ideas. You can make corrections on this draft or add ideas. Make sure it is close to the required word count and include all references used to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Editing, Proofreading and Final Draft

Once you go through the draft and confirm it meets all requirements, it is time to write another essay which you will fine tune for presentation.   During the editing phase, you will check for structural mistakes which make your essay unattractive. A good essay should flow seamlessly from one idea to the next and if there are any gaps, you need to correct them at this stage.

A good editor is bold and open-minded and these are attributes you must exhibit at this point. Don’t shy away from cutting out entire paragraphs if they don’t add value to the paper. The idea is to compose an essay that slows from one idea to the next. During the proofreading phase, check for grammar mistakes and other errors which exist in your essay.

These three stages are crucial in writing a winning essay. To avoid the common problems students encounter in essay writing, you need to plan, gather extensive materials, brainstorm for ideas, follow guidelines provided and ensure your ideas flow smoothly into each other. The idea is to make your essay easy flowing such that it captivates the reader to the end. Well, if you still have problems completing your essay, you can always use a professional dissertation team to help you out. These experts offer custom writing services to suit a learner’s needs. Whether you need help with the topic, introduction, thesis or an entire paper, they will offer you the assistance you need at a fee. Going forward, you have no reason to struggle with college essay writing.