The Future of Tech is Extremely Bright


Technology has changed our lives in every aspect. Companies and industries continue to unveil new technology which is changing the business set up.

The ripple effects have been felt in Ireland. Cork is producing some of the most tech savvy regions in the area.

Ireland has gone to produce a database that can search company to company, sector by sector and investor by the investor. There were about 69 companies which were formed in 2017 while 189 of the companies in the Cork area received funding.

Cork is the most active region in Ireland and it operates in almost every industry. They include businesses from all spaces, whether it be in Logitech, e-commerce, edutech or even enterprise, security, health, social media and advertising.  For instance, players like Betway are becoming more popular in the region, and it is testimony to the fact that the Irissh love positivechanges.

Moreover Cork has 142 Tech companies of which 29 are run by women. The tech companies are largely involved in security, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and MedTech.  Over 29,000 people have already been employed due to the growth of technology in Ireland.

Last year Cork tech companies received €22.2 million worth of funding. Some of the top companies which received the funding included:- Nualight, Teamwork, Helix works, Amarenco and AventaMed.

Recently the 12th Annual Leaders Awards were held to recognize regional and international companies. This year had the highest number of nominees.

Some of the winners from the award ceremony include- McKesson who received the Large Multinational Company. McKesson provides a lot of medical and pharmaceutical product around the world. The base in Cork is the only tech-savvy place outside the United States of America. It also one of the major players who is investing in cybersecurity and software development.

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Get visibility and Atlanta got to share the Tech Start-Up Award. Get visibility is a cybersecurity platform which operates as a disruptive artificial intelligence-driven software. This service enables companies to observe crucial data.

Altada, on the other hand, is an artificial intelligence company which provides data-rich clients into data productive companies. Data groups are organized and cleansed by the platform.

GridBeyond company got to walk away with the Smart Technology Innovation Award. Grid beyond is a platform for large commercial and industrial energy companies.

According to  Caroline O’Driscoll Cork Chair at [email protected] has acknowledged the impact these companies have had in the region recognized the unique footprint in the region. For instance, there are 1m sq ft of office space which costs about half of the amount in other European Cities.

However, Cork might have the most tech companies but it has not been able to raise funds like Limerick. For instance, in 2017, Limerick was able to raise £72.7million by seven companies. 

The hubs are developing and the startups need to attract investors. But the environment in Cork is just right for technology to grow. In the next couple of years, it will sure take over Europe by storm.