5 Types of Lawyers Your Startup Might Need


Running a startup is an incredibly time-intensive activity. And as the head of your startup, you are burdened with hundreds of different responsibilities every day. So one of those responsibilities that you should definitely outsource to the right person for the job is anything that has to do with legal matters. In basic terms: make sure you have lawyers on staff. Here are five different types of lawyers that your startup might need.

Contract Lawyer

As you are forming your new company, creating new products and developing new materials, you will often be foraying into unknown territory where you’ll need to create contracts. Having a contract lawyer on retainer can give you peace of mind in knowing that all your contracts will be airtight and secure. A contract lawyer specializes in all issues related to contracts; contracts that you might need for new business partnerships, and so much more. They will read every line of those 100 page contracts and protect you and your company from unfortunate scenarios. Look into having a contract lawyer on staff for your startup, and you won’t regret it.

Corporate Lawyer

Even through your startup isn’t yet a corporation that’s probably either a goal for your business down the road, or you will end up carousing with enough other businesses that it makes sense for you to have a corporate lawyer on staff.  A corporate lawyer can help you with any and all issues related to the formation of your corporation, as well as corporate compliance issues, which can be a huge (and very easily preventable) headache.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

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Speaking on compliance, if your startup is in the business of creating new products and ideas, then it makes sense for you to have an intellectual property lawyer on staff. An intellectual property lawyer (or IP attorney) can advise you on any issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and all those other “fine print” items that get overlooked or forgotten about until someone decides to make your life really difficult.

HR or Employment Lawyer

If you have a startup under your control, you probably also have a staff of employees working for you. And whether it’s five employees or 55, it makes sense for you to have an employment lawyer on staff to help you manage them the right way. An employment lawyer can provide legal advice on any issues that arise from employee relations or hiring contracts.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

This is a worst-case scenario option, but it may be necessary for your startup to also have a wrongful death lawyer on hand. Similar to a workers compensation lawyer, a wrongful death lawyer can help advise you in the most delicate of scenarios. This will be a hiring move that you’ll be incredibly happy you made down the line, should an unfortunate situation of this manner ever arise.

Protect yourself and the health of your startup by employing the right lawyers for your business, and employing them early. You’ll be patting yourself on the back years down the road!