GreenTec Capital invests in Namibian high-tech CPU maker PEBL

There are only three computers for every one thousand Africans due in part to the low presence of major PC manufacturers on the continent as well as a lack of affordable options suitable to customer’s personal and business needs.

GreenTec has invested into Namibia-based PEBL, a producer of high-tech central processing units (CPUs) to change Africa’s situation by manufacturing tailor-made CPUs with the highest quality hardware and software components for a range of computing applications including IoT, media, home security, business computing, as well as a range of personal computing options.

PEBLs are high-performance, small form-factor computers uniquely configurable by the customer. PEBL offers access to the latest and highest-quality component options (Intel chips, solid-state drives, 4K graphics, USB 3.0 and Type- C ports, built-in dual band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity etc.) to be distinctively implemented in a computer that is designed for your precise personality and needs.
Specifically designed to execute a novel heat management system with very low energy consumption – PEBL is partly manufactured in Namibia and the company is transitioning to moving all production processes to Namibia, with their local assembly line set to be operational mid 2019. Soon, each PEBL will be imbued with an intrinsic touch of Africa in a unique glass top-panel, crafted from sand sourced in Africa.
Aiming for the global market, PEBLs are the results of a global Africanism that translates the innovation, creativity, and cultural authenticity that are required to become the pride of anyone with African heritage – which is essentially the whole world.
PEBL is now available globally and delivers to its clients to their doorstep. With its conveniently small size, 11.8cm x 11.8cm, PEBL computers are portable and elegant, each with a unique identity.

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