How the Presence of Media Content Can Make or Break a Website



Take a moment to think about those websites which you find the most appealing and entertaining. What factors to they all share in common. While quality content is important, it is likely that the presence of digital media ranks at or close to the top of your list. Such an observation has not been lost on industry professionals. 51 per cent of those surveyed believe that video content is able to deliver the highest return on investment. Why is this the case and how can you successfully integrate relevant media into your existing e-commerce platform? 

Why Does Media Content Appeal to Online Shoppers? 

We live in an extremely visual society. Many marketers tend to focus upon the power and benefits associated with the written word and its importance in regards to SEO. Although this is absolutely true, we also need to remember that visitors wish to be entertained. Those who remain on a website for an appreciable period of time are more likely to become interested in the product or service being offered. Static text alone cannot often accomplish this requirement. 

Another important point to make is that video content is beginning to transform the ways in which publicity campaigns are constructed. A growing number of users are accessing e-commerce sites from portable devices such as phablets, tablets and smartphones. The main issue here is that they would prefer to watch a short video as opposed to being forced to read text displayed on a relatively small screen. Videos and similar media can act as excellent sales vehicles and they can get the point across in less time than would normally be required with written content. 

Finally, videos provide the website with a more refined brand identity. They allow the seller to appear professional and willing to embrace cutting-edge technologies. This media content can then be paired with checkout pages and similar sections in order to reinforce a sale. Additionally, it is possible to embed videos across multiple portals (such as blogs, social media websites and related pages). Not only will this appeal to a wider demographic, but such practices are looked upon favourably by Google. In other words, the site will tend to rank higher within a search engine results page (SERP). If you have been looking for increased exposure and the ability to actively engage with your audience, fresh and relevant media content will not disappoint. 

Integrating Media Packages with Trusted E-Commerce Solutions 

We have just taken a look at some of the main marketing benefits associated with videos and similar media content. Still, it is prudent to remember that such packages alone will normally not equate to a solid sale. Videos, infographics and images need to be integrated into existing marketing techniques in order to ensure success from a long-term point of view. The main question is how this can be accomplished and what applications are excellent tools to be used in synergy with videos. 

Cutting-edge websites need to employ cutting-edge sales and e-commerce applications. After all, of what use is a modern and viral video if other portions within the portal are out of date? One logical way to bridge this gap is to employ turnkey and customer-friendly solutions alongside your existing media content. Drop shipping is one technique which has proven to be extremely useful, as independent suppliers can be used as middlemen to bridge the logistical gap between the seller and the buyer. Furthermore, it is possible to choose qualified drop shipping suppliers with the help of third-party platforms such as Oberlo. Other examples of technologies which should be leveraged in order to heighten the appeal of an online business include (but might not necessarily be limited to): 

  • The use of augmented reality to emphasise the benefits of specific products.
  • The acceptance of multiple electronic payment methods. 
  • Numerous real-time customer support options (such as chatbots).
  • Live hyperlinks which provide connections to related websites and social media pages.

Of course, some of these will be more relevant than others. This primarily depends upon your business as well as what type of audience you are attempting to target. 

There is simply no reason why the power of digital media content should not be leveraged within the online business environment. When the visual appeal of a website is directly related to its ultimate return on investment, embedding a video is only logical. Furthermore, let’s also keep in mind that user-friendly web hosting services make it easy to upload such content and it can be updated on a daily basis if required. As even more users are now looking for engaging and informative content, it only stands to reason that we should see the prevalence of videos within the marketing community continue to grow.