6 standout social media marketing tips in 2018



If you have understood the value of social media today, then you know you cannot ignore trends in digital marketing that will help you be a social media guru, while commanding authority as a brand in your sector. Even then, social media networks are highly populated and companies are coming up with different strategies to remain significant on the platforms.

Ideally, to play with other brands, you must embrace a couple of social media marketing tips, particularly in 2018, where the technology is more advanced, and the stakes are higher. Below are some standout social media marketing tips to get you started:

Personalized keywords

For a while now, you have been using keywords from different sources to rank in your industry. However, for a competitive edge, you will need to change your strategy by coming up with your personalized keywords. This means generating your own terms, those that focus on your brand’s essence, and some general ones to invite a broader audience.

With your keywords, you can promote them as hashtags, to promote a specific product or service, this technique works best when launching a new product, when holding an event, among other activities. Hashtags are a great way to get your brand know, but more so, to build yourself as an authority in your industry. They also encourage more participation of the audience, centering the attention on your brand’s goal at that time.

Social media influencers

Over the years, social media influencers have gained prominence, and rightfully so, because they deliver amazing results. Their advantage is that they have studied the ways of different platforms and the nature of the audience, and with a considerable following, can influence people towards a decision.

Study the influencer you choose to make sure they have a personal touch with their audience, and for this, you will find small wigs being better than bigwigs. Also, remember the idea is to channel the attention on your brand, not to themselves. Once you have determined the information for share, let the social media influencer carry it from there, promoting it in different ways, including as hashtags.

Experiment with promoted posts

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Facebook is the best social media platform when it comes to promoting content, through Facebook advertising. The idea is to promote your marketing campaign on your social media profile and on people’s timeline.

With Facebook advertising specifically, you can filter out the aspects of how you want your campaign to be promoted, that is, to a specified audience, location, age group, gender, purchasing power, among others. Try different types of ads, some to earn more followers, more likes, sell products or simply, increase the engagement on your fan page. This tip works relatively the same for Twitter advertising, as well as other platforms.


Optimize your social media profiles

Simple as it may sound, if you haven’t yet optimized your social media platforms, get on it immediately. Your profiles across different profiles should essentially contain uniform information, with crucial details like brand name, username, location, contact, and call-to-action precisely the same.

Further, the information should capture your primary keywords, hinting to your target audience on what your brand is about, and what kind of content they ought to expect from you. Optimize your profiles like you would a landing page on your website. Use visual appeal through images on your profile picture and account banner.

Share audience-generated content

For social media, you do not want to be perceived as a boring brand, because the whole essence of these platforms is social engagement and relationship-building. While it does not necessarily mean you share an entire article written by someone on social media, audience-generated content builds a great rapport with your target audience.

Ways to get this done is sharing people’s posts, quoting people, and retweeting. The idea is to promote relevant content on your platforms, as a sign of good faith and good relations with your audience, but also, to share more value for your initial followers.

Get social

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Other than sharing content, people on social media want to see you get busy with them, and this includes holding conversations with clients, customers, and even competitors. With so many activities and forums online to be part of, there is no excuse for not interacting with your audience.

The posts you create should not just be about passing across a message, but rather, centered around keeping the audience interested in your brand. The initial step of getting social is to learn your audience, what they like, and how they behave regarding particular concepts in your industry. Try asking questions, holding polls, sharing humor, among other ways.

Also, as you construct your posts, give them a personal touch so that your audience can easily relate to it. However, be careful to draw the line between professionalism and interactivity, lest you lose track of your brand’s essence.

Given the rapid growth of social media over the years, you do not want to be left behind when the trends keep changing, and the market needs keep advancing.