Senditoo launches AI bot to allow anyone to transfer airtime using Facebook


Senditoo, a UK-based money remittance firm has launched its Artificial Intelligent Bot that will make sending top up to over 140 countries faster, cheaper and more effective using Facebook Messenger.

The bot will allow people to request top up from their loved ones abroad effortlessly and in a matter of seconds via Facebook Messenger.

“By simply going onto the Senditoo Facebook Messenger, our customers will will get immediate confirmation that the credit has been delivered and in the same vein, someone in the receiving country can now request mobile top-up from any of their family members or friends on Facebook,” said co-founder and Zimbabwean entrepreneur Takwana Tyaranini.

The UK-based company allows users to send instant mobile phone top-ups to more than 140 countries across the world, including 40 in Africa. The new bot will now allow anyone in Africa to request a top-up from friends and relative in the diaspora right from their Facebook Messenger account. The bot is already proven to be a success as traffic to the platform has increased by 300% in just a week after release.

With approximately 70% of their traffic coming from social media, this development is set to significantly impact their transaction volume. The company’s revenue has increased by over 600% globally since the turn of the year and they have progressively become the favourite airtime transfer platform for countries like Zimbabweans, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea, Lebanon and Ghana.

According to co-founder and Guinean entrepreneur Ibrahima Soumano, “Facebook is at the heart of our daily routines and we wanted to afford our current and prospective customers the opportunity to send mobile credit instantly and in a way that they are used to and comfortable with.”

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The company’s goal is to be a global leader in the market more so in Africa and has plans to expand into money transfer services in the coming months as its currently in the process of acquiring an FCA licence.