Mall for Africa launches platform to allow users in Africa to easily buy used cars from the US

US to Africa shopping platform Mall for Africa has launched an auto site to allow buyers in Africa to buy cars from the United States and have them shipped to Africa. Nigeria is the first country but the firm aims to add 16 more countries over the next year. 

Effective immediately, the new platform will allow car lovers in Nigeria and the rest of Africa to buy cars from the platform with a few clicks, and have them shipped to their country. This will also allow US customers to sell cars to Mall for Africa’s customers in Nigeriaa and across Africa.

According to  Chris Folayan, CEO of Mall for Africa, “Over the years we have received interest from customers who have wanted to purchase cars. As a company we always strive to be the best and offer our customers items that would otherwise be unavailable. We are proud to say that our customers in Nigeria can now purchase cars, in any color, with any feature they desire.” 

The platform works simply. Customers visit the online platform, select the car of their choice and then request a quote from Mall for Africa’s reputable car dealers in the US.  A buyer will then fill out a form with feature preferences and await Mall for Africa’s USA-based expert car consultants to send a quote within one to two business days.

Cars are the latest product Mall for Africa has added but the platform currently offers products from more than 250 leading retailers in the US, UK and China and it handles every aspect of the order and return cycle, making online shopping for shoppers in Africa effortless, secure and accessible.