How Do You Win on Slot Machines



Online gambling has become the favourite pastime for many people across the globe. With new technologies such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies making it much easier for first-time users to indulge in all the wonders of online casinos. There are a lot of free options that can secure big profits with little to no investment, such as free Aristocrat slot games at

No matter which game you decide to play, you usually play to win. If it’s monopoly, you want to get as far as possible. If it’s just playing cards with your cousin, you still try different approaches and look for ways you can win with the least amount of moves and have the biggest gains. If all comes to a whole new level when high-stakes poker and the such come into question. There, an experienced player will use every possible trick in the book to secure his victory, it’s just the way humans work.

With slot machines, however, there don’t seem to be any concrete tricks apart from sheer luck, or so you’d think.

Many people ask themselves „How do I win?“, or „Is there a way to beat the system?“, and can’t seem to come up with a good enough answer. There’s a certain level of predictability with slot machines in the sense that their odds are unchanging and there’s absolutely nothing you can do apart from illegal actions scam artists use, and even they, as pros, eventually get caught and severely penalised.

There are, however, some steps you can take a try to make the best out of a slot machine’s playing system – by utilising its strengths and shortcomings.


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Choose slots with the highest payouts

Even though this might seem like common sense, beginners usually overlook the importance of making this choice. We need to introduce something first: the Return to player, or RTP for short. This is the percentage that of all the money that the slot pays back to its players. There are a lot of websites that offer information about the various RTP percentages at different slots.

You can also check the very slot you intend to use. Try the „help“ section or go into the settings and you’ll probably find the information you’re looking for. If you do find the info, make sure the RTP is about 96 per cent.


Stay within your budget

What will usually happen on slot machines is that you’ll lose money. This, of course, isn’t always the case, but it happens frequently enough that you can call yourself extremely lucky if you catch a winning streak and get money more than once. Always keep in mind how much money you’re putting in, and keep in mind how short a winning streak on slot machines lasts – not very long at all. You should never, though, bet money you don’t have or can’t risk losing. Also, you should never play games that don’t correspond to your general wealth.

Slots don’t give you the option of making more than one bet or any sort of combination like other games such as roulette. You also don’t have any unpredictability to count on as you would in blackjack. It’s a constant, and even the newest and most innovative games might be interesting for a while, but follow the exact same principle.


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Don’t go outside the law

Even though it might be tempting at times to take advantage of a system where a lot of money changes hands, this has proven to be a bad idea both in physical locations and online.

In live casinos, slots are very vulnerable to cheating, which means the security around them is tight and thorough.

Just because you might be playing online doesn’t mean that someone won’t catch on to fraud. If you’re serious about gambling and also your own well-being, you should steer clear of any software that might promise big wins and no consequences when coupled with an online slot game.


Whatever trick you decide to try, be mindful of the predictability of slot machines whether it be online or in an actual casino.

If you plan to have at it on online gambling sites, don’t be fooled by the seemingly informal atmosphere provided by the fact that you’re doing something on your computer in your living room. It’s very easy to get carried away and lose big money. Sometimes even more so than if you were to take a weekend trip to Vegas.

So don’t forget to stay safe and be smart about your games, and try to stick to the rules. After all, it’s much more fun when you make money bending them than breaking them, isn’t it?