Mauritius’s Legacy Capital Partners Kingsland University to Launch School of Blockchain

Mauritius’s Legacy Capital has partnered with Kingsland University to launch the Kingsland University School of Blockchain to offer full stack software developers with the skills necessary to build exciting blockchain projects that are transforming the future of every industry – from agriculture, to medicine and beyond. 
Kingsland also provides training programs for executives and government officials who want to understand the critical challenges and impacts of blockchain on their organisations and regulatory frameworks.
According to John Souza, CEO and Founder of Kingsland University School of Blockchain, “Blockchain is the great economic enabler of our time. There’s a seismic shift happening in global economies right now and no regions in the world will benefit from that shift more than those in Africa. We founded Kingsland to bring disruptive tech skills education to globally underserved regions, and so partnering with Legacy Capital to bring our blockchain education programs to Mauritius is an exciting step.”  

Kingsland will offer their full course list in Mauritius, including blockchain developer and executive education courses. Legacy Capital is a fintech management consultancy specializing in bringing unique economic opportunities to Mauritius and the greater African region.
Mauritius has really led the way in terms of regulation and governance in the blockchain space, particularly in relation to financial applications of the technology, and they’ve set up support for blockchain and crypto-tech businesses to establish themselves in Mauritius, so there’s a lot of potential for new opportunities and jobs growth,” said Robert H. Kim, Director of Global Development for Kingsland.
By partnering with Kingsland University, Legacy Capital is setting the pace for Mauritius within the African Region to be the pioneer in the delivery of courses which will revolutionize the fintech and blockchain industry. Moreover, the Mauritian Government has recently announced its unparalleled support to promote this industry to establish itself as a gateway to Africa.
Mauritius is uniquely positioned to be a hub for fintech in Africa. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain will have a lasting impact on the region’s social, cultural, and economic outputs – but in order to capitalize on the enormous potential of the technology, we need widespread education initiatives. That’s why we’re partnering with Kingsland, and their world-leading programs to train blockchain developers,” said Rouben Chocalingum, CEO of Legacy Capital.
Courses in Mauritius are scheduled to start in 2019.
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