7 Essential Elements to Improve Workplace Productivity in 2019


The biggest concern of any organization is recruiting excellent resources. After successful recruitment, it is important to retain the resources. Resources might have various problems like poor work environment, traditional work processes, no usage of office phone system, etc. One important factor to retain employees is to improve workplace productivity. As per a survey, 17% of people quit their jobs due to the poor environment.

Another reason to focus on the improvement of the workplace is to achieve enhanced productivity. This can be achieved by offering diversity in the workplace. According to a survey done by Forbes 85% respondents that diversity is key to driving innovation in the workplace. In this article, we are going to explain 7 essential elements to improve workplace productivity in 2018.

  1.  Get online-

The internet connection is a mandatory facility in all offices and workplaces. No matter what our business is, an internet connection is necessary. Make sure all communication mediums are linked with the internet. The online operations are way faster than traditional ones. Emails, e-procurement, and e-portals are all used to enhance workplace productivity. When you are conducting all daily operations online, then why not use online phone number? An online phone number is not actually connected to any device. Employees can use it from anywhere out of the office. It just requires an active internet connection.

  1. Technology-

It is merely important to adapt to technological inventions to improve workplace productivity. The workplace productivity, as well as employees’ productivity, suffers due to sharing personal contact numbers with clients. Clients may disturb employees in their non-working hours. To maintain the privacy of employees and to reflect professionalism, office phone systems are used. The system lets you generate a separate phone number only for office use.

  1. Colors-

It is extremely important to focus on colors. The colors are an important factor in any workplace. The clients who visit the office or the candidates who have come for interviews should feel pleasant and calm. The selection of color combination is crucial and vital. You can provide bright colors like hot red as well as decent colors like pale blue. It depends on how you want it to be. If you visit an ad agency office, you will not see decent or dull colors. They usually use dynamic colors reflecting their work profession. You can add contrast colors in furniture. It also gives a sophisticated look.

  1. Layouts-

Make sure you have placed everything in the right place. Let us take an example. The entrance of any office should have some small furniture or a painting. Once you enter the office, there should be ample space for waiting room and meetings. It is very important to reflect your profession from your workplace layouts. For example, you are running a fashion magazine business. it is important to reflect what you work on. Try arranging some sort of showpieces of ethnic clothes and shoes. Try arranging photographs of most stylish celebrities. Also, try adding games in the open space of offices. Employees love working in places where they get to play and work at the same time. Let your employees feel like home.

  1. Convenient arrangements-

Make sure your office has spacious arrangements. It is important to create good space for computer systems, furniture, and other stuff. Why space is important? The reason is simple. When employees are asked to share their space in a congested way, it creates a huge distraction. It is important to give employees a certain space so that they can concentrate on their work. If employees can focus on their core job, the productivity of business increases ultimately.

  1. Virtual is a new reality-

There are many offices who are adopting the virtual office technology. Though this is not possible for all offices, businesses can definitely use a virtual phone system. As discussed in the 5th point, the online phone number is also called as the virtual phone number. It can be operated from anywhere. The virtual phone system is predicted to have 204.8 billion corporate subscribers till the year 2020. The virtual phone number can let employees use their personal number without disclosing it. Since employees can work from anywhere are benefited from features like call recording, forwarding, etc., it is clear that the productivity increases.

  1. Soundproof meeting areas-

Organizations have different departments. There are HR departments, marketing departments, accounts departments, operations departments, etc. every department has different important tasks. All departments conduct meetings almost every week. Some large-scale businesses have a culture of daily meetings. As meetings can be confidential, it is important to keep privacy safe. Make sure your conversation with your clients is locked in a soundproof room. Apply sound proof glasses and doors in the meeting areas.

  1. IoT-

As mentioned above, focusing on infrastructure is not the only important thing to do. It is important to adopt technologies. Internet of things is a great technological revolution. IoT can be used to identify the availability of vacant places in offices as well as the availability of employees. When vacant places are identified, daily operations can be scheduled accordingly and no work is interrupted. Also, IoT saves a lot of time that is usually required in employee authentication, communication, etc.


The 7 essential elements to improve workplace productivity should be implemented by all small to large-scale companies. It is vital to understand what are the areas that require changes. Once you follow all these 7 elements, you can see great results in productivity.