Old School Games in Your Android Device



Those who like playing Android games often land on the Play Store searching for new games to satisfy their demanding tastes. But the more we play these games, the more we realize that this modern stuff do lack novelty and originality. Those who play retro games back in the day know that there is nothing more original and authentic than the creations of such legendary systems as Nintendo, PlayStation, or Sega. Therefore, more and more people decide to play old games on their Android devices again. Everything new is actually well-forgotten old! So, if you’re up to get a new portion of old-school adrenaline, make sure to read our whole article.

The Program You Will Definitely Want to Install!

It is not a secret that modern devices cannot run the games developed for vintage consoles. But it’s not a problem anymore! Currently, any connoisseur of retro games can turn their Android device into a vintage console by downloading and installing special software. This software is emulators, the programs emulating the work of a certain console’s hardware and allowing you to play old games on the emulating platform. So, scoring a stable emulator is the first step you need to take in order to make your Android smartphone (or any other device) act as a retro machine.

Some say that getting an emulator is not a big deal. Partly, it’s true, since the Internet is replete with various types of emulation software. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should trust all websites indiscriminately. Before downloading any programs, take care to check the reputation of the online source you’re intending to use.

Let us introduce RomsMode to you. It’s a safe website offering emulators and free emulator games for the most popular systems such as the NES, SNES, GBA, N64, GameCube, Wii, and many others. So, go ahead and visit RomsMode! Spice up your gaming experience!  

But let’s get back to downloading an emulator. Once you make sure that the emulator you have selected is reliable and compatible with your Android device, don’t hesitate to download it.

Game…Games… Games !

Now that you’ve scored a cool emulator, you can proceed to downloading cool games for it! ROM files are the images of those old games you used to adore so much. They are game save files created by retro gamers and shared with the wider gaming audience over the Internet. You can also take advantage of such ROMs. Just make sure to get the games compatible with the downloaded emulator. For instance, if you’ve installed the Project64 emulator, you’ll need to look for Project 64 ROMs, as well.

One More Thing!

Though you may think that you now have everything necessary to start playing your favorite classic games on Android, we have to inform you that one important detail still remains. To ensure smooth operation of the downloaded emulation software, you’ll want to download the BIOS. The BIOS minimizes the risk of crashes, freezes, and lags during running your emulator on Android. So, make sure to download the proper BIOS for your emulator.

Immerse Yourself into the World of Retro Games

Now you can launch your emulator and start searching for the BIOS, once prompted to do so. You’ll find the necessary file in the Downloads folder of your smartphone’s internal memory. Tap on it after finding it.

Then, load the game of your choice. Locate the necessary ROM file, which, similarly to the BIOS, should be stored in the default Downloads folder.

All you need to do to start playing cool retro games is to learn the controls. You can do it by accessing the “Controls” section in your new emulator. As a rule, programs display control options automatically after you tap “Controls.”

Once you are done learning controls, go ahead with playing classics of all time on your Android!