Leaked – Microsoft Plans to Release Disc-less Xbox One


Microsoft is all set to launch its latest version of the Xbox One that will come with an advanced disc-less feature. The console is expected to hit the market next year in 2019. However, confirmed sources say that this new console will not be included as part of the Scarlett series of the brand. It may be released an individual variant with better features and added benefits. Players are already elated with this news and everyone is eagerly waiting for the new release to come to the shops. It is expected that gaming will be much more attractive with the new model.

Disc-less Xbox One is part of the Scarlett brand

If you are not so aware of the Scarlett brand of Microsoft, it is a brand that deals with advanced next generation web consoles. Microsoft is planning to release this one by one by the year 2020. These products are dedicated to gaming purposes and come with excellent features. They will use a service called Scarlett to web stream different games, and hence the brand name. While the latest console without a disc may be studded with more features, but players are confused as to what to do with the physical discs that were purchased before. Will they be rendered ineffective?

According to Microsoft, players need not worry! Along with the console without the disc, the company will also come up with the disc to a digital program that will allow users to convert the physical games into the digital format. Users will also be able to exchange a digital copy by taking their physical discs to an authorized Microsoft retailer.  The company also expects the demand to soar up next year as the price of the disc-less Xbox One will be lower due to the reduction in hardware costs. The disc-less console will be priced at $100 lesser from the ones with a disc.

Traditional users can still use the physical gaming copy

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In addition to the Disc-less Xbox One console, Microsoft also expects to launch the latest version of the Disc-less Xbox One S SKU variant. This is expected to hit the market later this year. It will be fitted with a disc drive to cater to traditional users so that they can access the physical copy in comparison to the digital one. This shows that the company is not compelling or forcing users to switch abruptly to the digital format. Although the new variant will be rolled out, traditional users can breathe a sigh of relief. The company does not want to lose on the customer base and is carefully launching the next phase of the Xbox products.

While the news has come out, there has not been any official news as of yet from the company. However, it is expected that they will soon come up with the exact time and date of the launch next year. Players should expect that it will be a boon for them as the console will come with better features. Until then, you can engage in some gaming by playing phone slots that will keep you entertained for hours.