Meds Biotech is a big player


The booming CBD market will reach 2.1 billion in sales and Meds Biotech is a big player

The American FDA officially approved the first CBD drug made from the marijuana plant. It concerns drug Epidiolex containing CBD, a chemical substance from cannabis that is rapidly gaining popularity within the sector of medicine. CBD stands for cannabidiol. Unlike THC, which is much more popular than CBD, cannabidiol does not produce psychoactive effects when consumed. The use of cannabidiol has already been amply documented, but the strict Food & Drug Administration only now approves its use in medicines after carrying out a study of its own.

CBD as the future of legal marijuana

CBD products are already available in places where marijuana is legal and can now also be sold in other areas. The FDA emphasized that it will still ‘take action’ against any illegal CBD producers who have not yet proven medical applications. Nevertheless, the market for medical marijuana seems to be gradually moving from THC to CBD.

CBD hot market

Thanks to the increasing number of places where medicinal cannabis is legalized, a boundless growth in investments is expected for the mediwite market. According to consulting firm Grand View Research, the global mediocre industry will be worth more than 55.8 billion dollars by the year 2025. This will result in explosive growth of the CBD market.

Extreme growth

Given the dates of 2017 are not yet complete, the expected growth is compared with last year’s figures. For example, according to HBJ, the expected value of the CBD market in 2020 is 2.1 billion. An increase of 700 percent compared to 2016, when only 200 million was converted into this industry.

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CBD is an attractive investment for many investors because consumers can’t get high or stoned, in contrast to the ‘regular cannabis plant’ with its psychoactive component delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). More and more countries are realizing this and legalizing the means for use, whether or not under strict regulation. In the United Kingdom there is already talk of a doubling in the use of CBD oil compared to last year.

There are many brands in the CBD market, but MedsBiotech CBD is the best

Along with the increasing popularity of the CBD, many new brands have sprung up and this certainly adds to the competition. One of the most calculated is MedsBiotech CBD. This is an American brand that produces various types of CBD products. Providing CBD oils, CBD edibles and CBD capsules, this brand continues to improvise with new flavors and useful new components. The brand focuses on how to apply CBD in everyday life and this means they make products that can be consumed in a fun way.

For us they are the best brand because they make sure every product is made by CBD experts and because every production process is carried out in the United States, the manufacturing process from upstream to downstream is guaranteed to meet all requirements set by the FDA. Each product is made only from natural ingredients and Biotech Meds ensure that no synthetic ingredients are involved. If they have a slogan, surely that is NO THC at all! There is no THC element involved so that the high risk can be reduced to 0.

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There are various natural foods that can be used to relieve pain and to be known, CBD can also be used as an important component in pain management. There are always ideas to strengthen something, including how we use these foods to increase their benefits. Combining them can be a good option as long as it is done with calculation. What if we combine CBD with other foods? Sounds interesting?

To be honest they can be combined! There are various kinds of combination products provided by CBD Biotech Meds and the popular one is the CBD and turmeric capsules that combine the benefits of CBD and turmeric in one package. For sale at $ 99.99, this product offers 20 mg of CBD and 25 mg of turmeric per serving. Comparison of the elements used was 600 mg of CBD and 750 mg of Turmeric. Turmeric is used to help CBD overcome inflammation and nausea. These two things are often associated with increased stress and because the main purpose of CBD is to reduce stress, the product shows that it is made with good reason.

When you talk about Turmeric, you will definitely talk about curcumin. Curcumin is an active compound that is responsible for reducing inflammation and in many cases inflammation increases pain. When inflammation gets worse, the nerve sends commands to the brain to give off a “painful sensation”. The CBD on the other hand strengthens comfort and reduces stress levels which when combined with turmeric will produce a combination compound that works in two directions; reduce inflammation and create a comfortable sensation in the brain which in turn will reduce pain. According to Dr. Josh Levitt from UpWellness, a combination of CBD and turmeric is quite safe and he agreed that there was a long enough tolerance range of the combination of the two ingredients to remain safe. He also added that people who experience chronic pain are encouraged to take a combination of CBD and Turmeric.

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Talking generally, regular consumption of CBD has been shown to reduce some of the common symptoms of psychological disorders but in the end, the right dose will ensure that everything goes well as desired.