How TOGAF Is Beneficial For Your Business Architecture?


Nowadays, various small businesses are trying to make their place in the market; where an absence of the IT architecture makes it hard for them. So, if you want to make your business survive and gain success from it, you need an effective IT architecture.

Adopting an effective IT architecture will help your business achieve competitive advantages. Here is something that CEOs of today’s businesses know that the information utilization and effective management using IT is a major success factor for business.

With an effective IT Architecture, the business can make a difference between its success and failure. If you invest in business architecture, you can bring independence from suppliers, bring success, and you can control your destiny. So, you need an IT architecture for your business.

Here, let me introduce you to TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework an Enterprise architecture.

What is TOGAF?

A TOGAF is an architectural framework that was adopted by various enterprises. In the business world, Togaf is one of the valuable tools that is utilized for developing a wide range of IT architectures.

Significantly, it facilitates you to evaluate, design and build an effective and suitable architecture for your business. The Togaf ADM (Architecture Development Method) that is a proven and reliable method to develop the IT architecture which effectively meets your business needs.

Further, to implement the TOGAF, it is essential for an organization to opt for certified TOGAF professional. The TOGAF certified professional is an excellent choice for developing an architecture.

Moreover, you can also organize the Togaf training online in your organization premises. It will help employees to gain knowledge about architecture. Also, their expertise will help in improving your organization architecture.

Why did Framework require in IT Architecture?

The utilization of architectural framework will simplify and speed up the development. It also covers the designed solutions completely. Even, it makes sure that the architecture selected must be responsible for the future growth of the business.

Moreover, Togaf plays an essential role in helping to “demystify” the development process of architecture. Even, it allows IT users to develop solutions (based on Genuinely Open System) in their business needs.

How does an Efficient IT Architecture deliver by TOGAF?

The Open Group is the one behind TOGAF, and they have issued TOGAF on their public website; it can be used by an organization who wanted to utilize it for developing an architecture for their information system.

The architect who uses TOGAF for designing and implementing architecture for corporate, are assured of a procurement and design specification. Moreover, it greatly facilitates the implementation of Open systems; also it enables the open system benefits to accrue organizations with reduced risk.

The architecture development of TOGAF hold world’s best practices. Here are some of them:

  • The Open Group members are behind the development TOGAF. The open group body holds the world’s major IT vendors and the world’s Fortune 1000.
  • It doesn’t focus on any particular technology or computer model.
  • It is Vendor-neutral Genuinely
  • Experienced vendors and user-developed it by working in combination.
  • It is based on COTS open standards.
  • Even, it is demonstrated to work in leading user organization. Where user provides their experiences, these experiences are further documented in case studies which are freely available.
  • It is supported by professional services and tools that are too independent of any specific technology solutions. It reduces the cost of designing, planning, and architectures implementation that depends on open systems solutions.

TOGAF specific use will:

  • Provide Genuinely Open system solutions to the user at less cost.
  • Simplify the processes related to the  Open System Design.
  • Improve communication between the IT function and its strategy and goals.

What exactly TOGAF Holds?

The TOGAF consist of two main parts:

  • Foundation Architecture of TOGAF

The generic function and services of architecture that provides a base over which particular architectures and building blocks of architecture are developed. Further, it holds:

  • SIB(Standards Information Base): It is an open industry standard database that defines particular services and components of a specific architecture of an architecture.
  • ADM (Architecture Development Method): It describes the way in which the Foundation Architecture is obtained for a specific organization. Further, ADM also provides:
    • A Business Scenario Method is a proven method to define and understand the business requirement that is addressed by architecture.
    • It is a reliable and practical way to develop architecture.
    • Hold tools for developing architecture.
    • It enables the architect to assure that the complex requirements set are appropriately addressed.

All in All, Togaf delivers traditional knowledge, reasonable, practical and adequate methods to develop an IT architecture for an organization.