Top Games to Play at Work


You should not feel guilty for playing video games at work. Some people think that it is the form of idling, but at the same time, this is a good exercise for your brain. You can consider it as a short break for a mental gym. In this post, you will find the top games to play at work. To have access to these games, you will need the internet and PC without a game filter. Do not forget to keep any kind of job-related file open somewhere in your background. You will just have to press Alt+Tab once you see your boss on the horizon.

Madness Accelerant

Discover a side-scrolling game where you will have to shoot a lot. This hyperbolic shooter game lasts not more than fifteen minutes. The bombarding does not stop in this game. Some people think that it could be easier to play, but anyways the game itself and all the effects are very intense.

Monkey Lander

If you love games, you must know that Monkeys started using the spacecraft for collecting fruits already in the 70s. They have never looked back. It is time to join them in Monkey Lander game where you will have to face many obstacles that will try to stop you on the way touching down safely.

The Walls Are Not Cheese

Discover a new surprising weapon. The main character of this game is a tiny purple square you must kill or be killed by numerous blue-colored squares. You will blast through the game scenery. Also, there will hoover-ups the debris. This game is very addictive even if the graphics are not the best.

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This is an abstract minimalist game with a couple of puzzles in parallel. One puzzle will explain you the whole story, while the other is abstractive. This is a philosophy exercise which you can access via any web browser.

Demolition City

Here we go, you have enough dynamite to destroy all the buildings. Do not pay attention to the warnings about partial violence. Anyways, this game will keep you fixed for hours in front of the screen.


This game requires just a single button press. Such interaction is very simple, and some players consider it too engrossing. Try this break-neck running video game. You will jump a lot – this is the only thing you can do to kill a bit of free time.


If you have a bit of free time while sitting in the office, you can spend it thinking about workers who will not get the payment at the end of the month of work. You can do it while playing an exciting side-scrolling Beggar puzzler.

Super Mario Crossover 2

If you love Mario, this super mario crossover 2 will keep you busy during your coffee break in the office. You can choose between the main characters: Mario, Link, Simon, Ryu, Sophia III, and others. This game combines all NES characters in one awesome game.

Pizza City

The site Swim’s hosts a big bunch of games. Pizza City is a real masterpiece in GTA clone. Dive into an exciting driving game where you will have to deliver many pizzas. You will definitely get a so-called melted-cheese experience.

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You will fall in love with Wayfarer. Experience a dungeon crawler whose stickman belies the depth. This adventure is superb. There are many generated levels. Just follow the instructions, and you will succeed.