List Of Kenyan Supermarkets That Can Deliver Your Shopping


These Kenyan supermarkets have upgraded and can actually deliver your shopping.

As we evolve we somewhat become lazier or have less time to do some things. Comfort makes more sense for many of us and the most convenient service anyone can offer is a delivery service.  Some supermarkets and grocery stores have added this service which means you can literally order your shopping from the comfort of your home or office.

1. Chandarana

You can order from Chandarana using this link. They have everything from food to house cleaning products which are incredibly convenient. You can also shop from any supermarket in Nairobi and they claim to deliver fast as well.

2. Naivas

Naivas charges 250 shillings for delivery which is quite okay because it will save you the cab fare that you would have used anyways. All you have to do is order everything online it is included in the cart and then you pay on delivery

3. Zucchini Greengrocers Limited

Zucchini is well-known for their veggies and they can also deliver your groceries. They are open from 09am-04:00pm so it’s best to do it early enough and they are open from Monday to Sunday.

4. City Park Market

They deliver fresh vegetables and fruits straight to your doorstep. They have a 3-hour max delivery time and they also have a Facebook page that you can use to get their service.