Tips to Improve Your PC Gaming Experience


PC Gaming is quite complex and different when compared to gaming on the consoles. You can’t just place your unit in the middle of the living room and start gaming on it. It’s just not what the master race is all about. There are a lot of things you need to take into account and work upon to make sure your top of the line gaming rig lives up to its potential. Whether you like sniping demons in hell or erecting mega-cities in the virtual world, the last thing you’d want is your setup giving up on you. If you end up needing to change the settings after every few minutes, it’s just not worth it. Let’s take a look at a couple of investments you can make to maximize your PC gaming experience.

Invest in a good gaming chair

Gamers dedicate countless hours to their hobby. No matter what genre, every gamer can agree on the need of getting an amazing gaming chair. Much like your rig, a great chair will help you through the thick and thin and allow you to be ten steps ahead of the competition, no matter the game. Understanding the need, many manufacturers have come up with a host of chairs that fit your needs. Built for durability, these chairs can help you sidestep health issues. A budget gaming chair with adjustable height can help you match the table height and prevent any strain or torque issues on your wrists or even your back. Carpel tunnel syndrome is a real problem for gamers, the apt chair can do wonders for it.

Invest in worthy hardware

While the gaming PC should be at the center of your gaming setup, there’s more to the hardware than what’s inside your CPU. Do you need better, more responsive control in your games? Get a keyboard and mouse duo that can keep up with your inputs during your intense sessions. Do you need a better image output from your PC? Get an amazing monitor that pushes your PC to its limits. Need to know where your enemies are? Want to hear them coming? Invest in a pair of headphones that can also aid you in your online crusades. If your computer fans get too loud, you can control it by extra cooling fans.

Keep it clean

Well, if your computer has started making sounds it shouldn’t, open up your CPU and clean it up. Make sure that you keep your setup clean and dust free if you are serious about enhancing your gaming experience. Dirt along with dust are some of the biggest problem makers, responsible for frame skips and heating issues along with many others. They get stuck in places and accumulate, resulting in reduced airflow which, if not fixed on time, can lead to a whole host of problems.

Tweak it up

If you are coming into PC gaming from consoles, you are in for a treat. There are a ton of customization options on the PC, for both the hardware and the software. You can overclock your CPU and your GPU with free software. It is quite easy to do and doesn’t cost a dime. It can result in a noticeable improvement in the performance. Just remember that there’s a sweet spot to everything. Free tweaks can only take you so far, but upgrading the hardware can also help. On the side of games, you can tweak the graphical settings based on your hardware specifications. It can help you achieve the perfect balance between performance and graphics. You don’t have to live with 30 fps without any options.