5 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles to Help You Do More and Be Better


Let’s face it, we’ve already got a thousand things to remember right now: work out more, drink more water, eat better foods, complete more projects, see more friends, aim higher at work, read more books, engage in more activities, do more, be more, give more.  

So many of us seem to be on this perpetual path of self-improvement and we work endlessly to become even better versions of ourselves.  And I’m not even sure this is taking New Year’s resolutions into consideration!

How we manage to find time for everything is anyone’s guess.  But who can blame you for simply wanting to do, be, and perform better? I’d say it’s a great goal.

But let’s start small.

Let’s take some baby steps toward improvement.  What on your list is going to bring you the biggest impact for the smallest effort?  Drinking water is great for your skin, it’s an elixir for your organs, it gives you boosts of energy and helps you maintain focus.  So, let’s start here.

We’re even going to help you out by giving you some solid recommendations for ways to drink more water:

1.     Kool8

A great way for you to tackle doing better, being better, and giving more, all in one fell swoop. The Kool8 refillable water bottle is an eco-friendly, insulated canister that keeps your water both cool and hot, whichever you prefer.  They give back too, in the form of donations, where 20% of the profit from each bottle sold helps deliver fresh water to underprivileged areas of the world. Plus, if you look for a little extra pep or flavor, it comes with a tea infuser as well. Take a sip of water and know that while you’re helping yourself, you’re also helping others.

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2.     BKR

BPA-free, made of chic, modern glass and silicone, and in a convenient size and shape, the BKR bottle is small and easy to carry around.  Stylish and convenient carry-handle, this bottle seems more like a high-fashion accessory than a water canister. Carrying Stay stylish and stay healthy, all at the same time.  Who says we have to sacrifice style in order to get healthy? Not to mention, as a one-liter bottle, you’ll find it’s easy to drink all day without continuously getting up to refill.  Currently offered in pale pinks or edgy blacks, BKR bottles have a few different styles for you to choose from.

3.     KOR One Hydration Bottle

Ultra-modern and iconic, this sleek 12-ounce water bottle is great for you physically and spiritually.  The cap of the vessel has a small token slot for KOR Stones for internal inspiration. Clear design lets you see how much progress you’ve made on your drinking and motivates you to drink more. With its ergonomic design and protective spout system, they make it easy for you to drink without spilling and hold without dropping.  Fill it with fruit pieces for a little extra flavor, and watch the colorful morsels inspire you to keep hydrated all day.

4.     Lokai Water

Offered in both black metal and clear plastic forms, the Lokai water bottles are conveniently slender to fit in any standard cupholder, while also having a perfectly sized mouth that can fit ice cubes to help keep your water refreshingly cool.  Plus, Lokai donates 10% of their total profits to their specific charity partners. To date, their site recognizes that they’ve planted over 200,000 trees, granted 69 Make-a-Wish wishes, and built 98 water wells, all through their charity partnerships across the world. Want to do even more good, you can purchase one of their Dead Sea charity bracelets when you buy your matching water bottle and double your impact.

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5.     Bamboo Bottles

While most of the reusable bottles available for purchase today are made to look like special plastics, metals, or glass, the aptly named, Bamboo Bottle encases it’s glass bottle with a protective and aesthetically pleasing bamboo cover.  It gives off a very natural vibe, earthy and healthy, and reminds you the importance of living sustainably as well as the importance of drinking water for your own health. Durable and smooth, this bottle is a stylish accompaniment whether you’re headed to the gym or headed to the office.  Made of a fast-growing and quickly harvestable tree, the bamboo, this bottle keeps protected while maintaining a small environmental footprint.

Watch how quickly you’ll manage to balance at least one item on your list of improvements and betterments, not to mention the impact that water has on your system.  

Using any of these water bottles means you’ll drink more water and feel that energy you need to go to the gym or complete that next project, you’ll drink better and have more time for reading that book, or, it’ll keep you hydrated and healthy so you can make it out more often to socialize with your friends.  Start small and start smart, and see how quickly everything else gets easy.