Golix takes another bold move to give 100% of their revenue to token-holders


Cryptocurrency exchange, Golix has announced that it will be paying out 100% of the revenue it generates to holders of their cryptocurrency token, the GLX.

The exchange which pioneered cryptocurrency in 2015, over the past years since it was launched, has made some daring decisions that have seen the exchange successfully extending its services to more countries in Africa.

To date, Golix has operations in several countries in Africa and is one of the largest platforms with a big footprint in Africa.

At a time when many of the biggest exchanges in the world are distancing themselves from tokens that can be perceived as ‘security tokens’, Golix has never been the one to back down from a challenge. In a David/Goliath ending, last year they took their government to court to challenge a ban on cryptocurrency and won.

Golix, Chief Executive Officer, Tawanda Kembo, mentioned that he was bullish on security tokens was watching them from the sidelines so long that he could no longer wait to play.

“Our customers have been asking us for this so we said, hey, why not? Why not let customers earn money on their crypto holdings in the bear market?” said Kembo.