Unbiased Look at EssayPro: Three Assignments Completed in Two Days

So here’s the situation: exam week was coming up quick, and I was behind on three papers I had to write. Usually, it takes me about a week per paper, but I couldn’t invest that time because of my exams.

Naturally, I went looking for an academic writing platform and found this service called EssayPro. What attracted me to the site was the design and the quality of writing on their blogs, so I decided to order essay online. Most of these sites are a bit shady, but EssayPro seemed legit to me.

So here’s what I got after ordering three papers with a deadline of under four days. The order from was pretty simple to fill in, just like the screenshot below.

Impressions about customer support representatives

I was delighted at the responsiveness of the customer support representatives. They never redirected me like other services do, with “you may discuss all issues of your paper with the writer” type of rubbish. The support team gladly assessed my concerns and reassured me that there is no need to worry. They said that if I am unhappy with my paper, I can leave a review for the writer and request my money back – which is excellent and overall improved my trust in this service.

Although I anxiously contacted them at 3 a.m (just to make sure my paper is alive and well), they responded within minutes and talked to me in a friendly manner.

How much I paid

I paid $12 per page on each paper as they were all three pages long. EssayPro has this discount when you order over three pages, and sadly my papers didn’t fit that criterion. I wish the price were lower, but considering how fast I received these papers I can’t say that I’m unsatisfied.

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Spending over $100 bucks on easy A grades was well worth it. These annoying papers were out of the way, and I could focus on studying for my exams. That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I got.

Compliance with the deadlines

It would typically take me about a week to write a full essay that I would be happy in submitting. I am a slow writer because I enjoy exploring information and providing new insights into my papers. My professors know that, and they always expect high-quality work from me.

However, in light of my exams, I had to focus on studying rather than writing these essays. I set the deadline to four days so that I could make the necessary proofreads and edits. Two days later, all three of my writers send me the papers and I was quite overwhelmed (in a good way). These guys are punctual; you’d be surprised.

They also offer a huge base of writers and editors ready to work on a particular subject or topic as illustrated below.

Quality of work

The papers I ordered were relatively short – an essay on Hamlet for my literature class, architectural analysis of the Pantheon and a piece on Lester Bangs for my journalism class. I study art history, and I know quite a lot on these subjects, but I didn’t have time to write these papers in light of my exams.

Surprisingly enough, the writer included very relevant and technical information on the Pantheon. He opened my eyes to some intricate details I didn’t know – for example, the fact that hidden inner archways like the aqueducts support the walls of the Pantheon. The Lester Bangs and Hamlet papers were also pretty good.

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The sources used for my Hamlet paper were a tad generic, to be honest, and the writer had little understanding of Shakespearean slang and phrases. But that’s okay because understanding Shakespearean takes a lot of practice and reading. To be honest, I’m amazed by the overall quality of the Hamlet paper considering it took the writer two days to do it.

I ran plagiarism checks on every paper and they turned out completely clean, claiming they use both Copyscape and Plagiarisma to avoid plagiarism. This is rare, so I’m guessing EssayPro run plagiarism checks on paper before turning them in.

How my professors assessed the papers

After some quick editing and inserting additional academic sources from JSTOR, my Pantheon paper got an A without any further need for correction. My professor said he wished I picked a more obscure piece of architecture to analyze, but apart from that I got everything right. The Pantheon is talked about a lot in the art history world, and there are plenty of sources to go off, so I’m not surprised that the writer nailed it.

My Lester Bangs paper included excerpts from interesting interviews, including Brian Eno and Lou Reed. The writer I picked seemed quite passionate about music in general, and this passion was well projected in the writing. I had to edit some of it so it could fit my writing style better, as my Pop Music professor knew my writing well. After that, it was a solid A.

The Hamlet paper focused on the theme of revenge prevalent throughout the story. The writer analyzed how almost every character in the story was hellbent on revenge, quoting some passages from the play itself. However, “Hamlet revenge” papers are quite common, and my professor gave me B because of that. She said that I didn’t include any new or original insights into the theme and most of the info could be easily found online. Still, though, a B is a solid grade, and I’m thankful for the writer’s effort.

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Obviously, all three papers were checked in Turnitin and luckily all of them complied with the necessary formatting standards.

My overall opinion about EssayPro

Without exaggerating – EssayPro saved my exams. If I had to write these three assignments, I’d never have the time to study properly. Not only did they send me the work in two days, but it was pretty good quality work. Two A’s and a B are solid grades.

And spending a little over a hundred bucks on these papers is a good deal. There are a few guys in our college who write papers for sale, but they charge $60 per paper. And that’s way too much. With EssayPro, I saved my wallet and aced my exams. So thank you, EssayPro – and if you’re a student experiencing a similar issue, I couldn’t recommend this service more.

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