8 Ways to Save on Home Appliances


Home appliances, such as electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washers are mostly big-ticket expenses but essential to every home. We always want to be comfortable at home and these are the means of our comfort.

For some, especially the parents, think of it as their investment. Every time they get their paycheque, they will keep on buying these and that. So, I will be helping you out to ensure that you don’t spend more than you have in the long run.

Don’t think it’s better because it’s more expensive.

Our mindset is that if it’s expensive, it’s better. But no, it can be wrong sometimes. You just have to notice that you are paying extra for additional features. Let’s say some ovens cost a few hundred dollars because it heats up to higher temperatures and has extra cooking modes and automatics programs. If you think you don’t need those extra features, just look for a cheaper model.

Be realistic of what you really need.

Always take the time to know what you really need. it will help you make a wiser decision on what to buy. Think of what you need in the kitchen, in your bedroom, and in the dining area. if it’s really not necessary don’t include it in the list.

Let’s say for an oven, if you do not host large dinner parties at home and only cook few most of the time, the smaller one would be good enough. A smaller model is space efficient.

Consider cost beyond the price tag.

Some appliances cost money even after you bought it. They consume electricity and for some, they require parts to be replaced regularly. We have a vacuum cleaner, we have television, we have a refrigerator and etc. I think we should always choose the most economical and trusted appliance, it could help you save a considerable amount of money.

Choose energy saving options.

Another long term cost we have to consider is energy consumption, always choose energy-efficient models whenever it makes sense. There are few that you may check on, just like a refrigerator, there is a multi-door refrigerator that saves energy less cool air escapes when you open the door.

There are some that have an outer door for frequently used items like drinks and condiments, this reduces the cool air that escapes. You might want to consider this.

Compare and negotiate.

In buying appliances, always do your homework and ask around for the price of your preferred model. Perhaps, giving discounts, most retailers will do a price match if you tell them that you can get it on a cheaper price for elsewhere.

Don’t get stuck in just one store. Always compare the price in different stores to get the best value available.

Wait for discounts and sales.

We always save on home appliances if it is on sale, most of it can be bought at a discounted price if you are willing to wait for sales at department stores. Most of the stores do their sales at the end of seasons. It pays to be patient.

For instance, you have been eyeing an expensive washing machine for your family. It suddenly went on sale but your savings was not enough. It is hard to pass up this opportunity. If this is the case, you can simply get fast cash loans from cash mart singapore money lender. You can avail this type of loan in as short as 30 minutes to one hour.

Consider skipping extended warranties.

Some of the retailers offer an extended warranty for appliances like air conditioners and washing machines. It may be a great money-making avenue for retailers as most of the consumers don’t end up availing the warranty.

Shop with the right credit cards.

The credit card is very handy, it also comes with a promo, discounts, and rewards. We get to use it for installments. We can at least save a few cents instead of buying it in cash.

I used my card for washing machine installment. Always choose the zero percent interest appliances. It’s great to always to have a card to keep. I would also recommend a credit card company do always send you promotions.