Apeaksoft Data Recovery


Apeaksoft Data recovery software applications are now in high demand, because the data recovery is equivalent to a saved life. We store data in our PC, starting with our last vacation in the upcoming seminar meeting details. We have everything in our laptop or PC. When the data is too large, the danger of losing them becomes dangerous. We often want to keep the most unusual image and useless things in our computers. Obviously, they do not eat much space but for a number of days stickers when they become a big burden on the machine. As a result old machines crashing, it destroys all the information.

This is a great cause of data loss. When we delete files instantly, we remove the errors in error or permanently remove them. This is another example how the data from the computer has been removed. There are several situations, where important files are in danger and we have no harm, but have to endure harm. However, it’s a matter of past now.

Apeaksoft Data Recovery serves the best products to help you recover your lost files.

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Files and data in our computers are like extensions – lost, feel something and it gets dangerous really quickly. Thanks to new innovators in data recovery, it’s now possible to re-save unsaved password documents, pictures and valuable videos or your recent holidays.

Quick Recovery Process with Fast Scanning Speed

It is necessary to withdraw lost files as soon as possible. Apeaksoft Data Recovery is faster than other recovery apps for Windows users because of its custom scanning technology.

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Easy Data Recovery in Different Situation

Data-keeping computers and machines can break each other again. The data is lost when the files have been mistakenly deleted, overwritten, storage drive formatted or physical damaged. You can retrieve the lost file, Apeaksoft again. You can rely on data recovery software to get them instantly and safely

Restore Unsecured Word Document

We have tested many situations where we have created a Word document and then it has been unsecured by the accident. Has it lost forever? Do I have to finish the entire document? They are just a few questions that will fly around your head. Take a deep breath, and follow the steps below to recover unsaved word document.

Turn off the Current Word Document without saving it

Another situation in which you can find yourself: Failed to save the latest changes when accidentally exit the previously saved document. Microsoft Word will help you reach the last 10 minutes of your work. You can also change the amount you want the Word to save your work worthy of recovery. In the screenshot below, you will see that I saved the temporary copy of my document every minute. I changed it back to the 10-minute default setting.

  • Click File Tab/Word Document Manage.
  • To restore the latest changes to your document, click the latest automatic version and click. Do not forget to save your recovery password document.

Automatically Change the Time of Saving Information

If you want to change the frequency, Microsoft Word automatically copies your document’s recovery copy, pursue the steps below. The default point in time is set up to 10 minutes.

  • Click File Tab/Options.
  • Click the Event option on the left in the Options dialog box.
  • Click the Save option in the Word Options dialog box
  • Under the secure documentation, change this minute how often you want to save your document’s recoverable version.