Tips to follow while using the iPhone for the first time


Almost 8 years ago Apple has launched its first iPhone in the market and till now, the iPhone is one of the most anticipated phones in the market. Did you take the plunge and have shifted from Android to iPhone? If yes, then you did a wonderful job because the iPhone is one of the best and the most applauded smartphones in the market.

Since you are using it for the first time, hence you are not familiar with all its tricks. Here, we are mentioning some tips that you should follow while using your iPhone for the first time. One more thing, if you have faced any problem, then go to iPhone service centre in Delhi for their assistance and support.

Always double-press home button for multi-tasking: For Android, you can easily check the list of apps that are running in the background from the menu. But for iPhone, you need to double-press the Home Button to check which apps are running behind. Once you have double-pressed the home button, the screen will lift a little and icons will display to show which apps are running.

Undo typing: Suppose you typed something, but you want to erase the entire thing. If you typed anything in the normal message app, or Whatsapp, or WeChat or even in any other message app, you can delete the entire typing in two ways: one, tap and hold the backspace. Or, in the simplest way, by shaking your iPhone. Once you shake your iPhone, a new dialogue pops up will come with the ‘Undo Typing’ option, just tap on it.

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Mute shutter sound: do you want to mute shutter sound while clicking the pictures? Unfortunately, with iPhone, you didn’t have any option by which you can mute shutter sound while taking pictures. But there is a way which will help you to resolve this issue. If you mute the switch on the side of your iPhone, the shutter sound will automatically get muted.

Filter your missed calls: With the help of the phone app, you can easily get the list of outgoing calls, received and missed calls. Usually missed calls are marked with red font so that you can easily identify them from the rest of your calls. If you still want a finer level of sorting, there is a Missed button right on the top of your screen. Just tap the button and you will get the list of your missed calls.

To create a folder: If you are a new user and you have downloaded a chunk of apps, then you might have found difficulties while organizing them. It would be a great idea to organize your apps into folders so that you can find them easily. But how will you create folders? For this, just tap and hold on the icons until they wriggle and then drag one icon over another icon of the same category. Now, for example, you are dragging an Angry Birds icon, so you need to drag it over the Temple Run 2 icon. And, this will change the way the icon looks now. Now, leave the icon there and just create a folder which you can name as ‘Games’ or as per your wish.

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Auto download apps, music, and books: If you have more than one iOS device and want them synced so that all the apps and games get downloaded automatically without any hassle. Suppose, you have an iPod Touch and an iPhone. Now, what you have downloaded on the iPod Touch you need the same thing available on the iPhone. So, in this case, you can either use iTunes sync or just opt to have auto-downloads enabled. You can easily do this by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Now, tap on iTunes & App Stores
  • Then, under Automatic Downloads, allow all the switches.

These are some pre-requisite tips that you should follow if you are using the iPhone for the first time. If there is any problem with your phone, don’t try to fix it by yourself rather you should contact some reputed mobile repair & service centres in your locality. Or even, you can get in touch with the iPhone service centre in Delhi and other places.