Safaricom launches new loyalty campaign to retain customers, increase their spend & amass revenues

Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, Chairman, Board of Directors, Nicholas Nganga and Steve Chege, Director of Corporate Affairs during the release of Safaricom Limited Annual Report held at the Bomas of Kenya.

Safaricom has launched a customer promotion campaign, dubbed “Shukrani Kocho Kocho Kenya Nzima” to drive sales and revenues as it will make its customers spend more in anticipation of winning, akin to gambling.

The Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima promotion is a new strategy by Safaricom to build a long-term and two-way relationship with its customers who expect to give and receive from Safaricom. Though Safaricom charges subscription fees on several of its packages, KochoKocho will see normal customers become super users expecting to win the prizes.

Like a gym but with monthly or quarterly prizes, members will increasingly spend more time and money on Safaricom which will convert to more predictable and smooth cash flow, and greater loyalty. For Safaricom-greater learning, which allows it to revamp its packages and stay away from the competition. Like its earlier promotion Maisha ni M-Pesa tu and STORO Bonus, customers will be happy even if they are spending more because they are being acknowledged for their spend and expecting to win prizes during the period.

The ten-week campaign will see customers earn ten entries for every KES 20 top-up, and one entry for every KES 20 transacted on M-PESA.

“The Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima campaign seeks to celebrate and reward our more than 29 million customers for their continued loyalty. It further reiterates our commitment to provide our customers with relevant products and offers in line with our promise of ‘Nawe Kila Wakati’,” said Sylvia Mulinge – Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

Qualifying M-PESA transactions include sending money, receiving money from a business, transfers from a financial institution to M-PESA, and all Lipa Na M-PESA transactions.

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During the promotion, Safaricom will reward eight winners from each of the eight regions with KES 1 million every week. In the Grand Finale, Safaricom will reward one winner from each of the 47 counties with KES 1 million.

“We have structured the promotion to represent the diversity of the country by ensuring that we reward a millionaire in each county,” said Sylvia.

Safaricom will hold an additional ten weekly draws for each of the regions which will see more than 500,000 customers win cash prizes of KES 1,000. More than 5 million customers will also stand to win daily airtime prizes.

The Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima promotion comes on the back of the “Maisha Ni M-PESA Tu” campaign held in June to August 2018 and which saw 7 Safaricom customers walk home with apartments in Nairobi’s Kahawa West estate.

The firm aims to reward more than 5 million customers across the country with more than KES 250 million in prizes. In addition, more than 100 Safaricom customers will walk away with a KES 1 million cash prize each.