Shopping for Flower Girl Dresses? Choose Dresses Made in Chiffon


Wedding planning, for the brides, would be challenging and this challenge includes what kind of dresses will the flower girls and bridesmaids wear. For a bride who is not familiar with fabrics, she may ask what kind of fabric would be best with the weather, location and theme.

Chiffon is one of the highly recommended fabrics for all occasions and for all seasons. Let’s read on the advantages of choosing a chiffon fabric for the flower girl dresses, the bridesmaid dresses or any other special occasion dresses.

  1. Lightweight – Chiffon has a light weight, compared to other fabrics. This is not too heavy hence one who is wearing a dress made from this fabric can move without restrictions. This is also a very great fabric choice for toddler flower girl dresses as younger flower girls do not want clothes that are hefty as they cannot move freely, as well as, they may not walk down the aisle with ease.
  2. Soft and smooth – These are great characteristics of chiffon fabric. Being soft and smooth means that the fabric is very likely to be hypoallergenic. It is very rare that the fabric will cause itchiness amongst children when wearing this kind of fabric after careful cleaning it. As children’s skin are very sensitive, fabrics like chiffon are the best options as it promotes comfort for the child.
  3. Elegant – With the flowy nature of chiffon fabric, its elegance cannot be denied hence most women choose special occasion dresses (such as evening dresses, homecoming dresses, wedding guest dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses) that are made in this fabric. Considering this natural property of the fabric, brides can also choose flower girl dresses that are made from chiffon. The fabric may not form a puffy ball gown style dress compared to the other fabrics meanwhile it will still show a flowy A-line/princess style.
  4. Stretchy – This is one of the concerns when ordering flower girl dresses as little children grow too fast. Usually moms would ask if there is a little stretch on the dress. For chiffon dresses, there is a little stretch meanwhile when ordering chiffon dresses in 3 months or more prior to the occasion date, it would be best to order a bigger size, with a difference of at least half to one inch of the current measurements.
  5. Cool fabric – The fabric is cool hence it is recommended during warm weather meanwhile it has also the property as an insulator hence it is a good fabric for cold days too. Whether it is summer, winter, spring or fall, this fabric is highly recommended to promote coolness and warmth.
  6. Fairly crease resistant – Wrinkling is one of the problems women have when it comes to dresses. Chiffon fabric is not easily wrinkled as compared to some fabrics like satin and taffeta of which wrinkling is very evident upon standing from prolonged sitting.
  7. Easily washed – Chiffon garments can easily be washed by just soaking them in water with detergent, then rinsing. This can also be applicable to other fabrics meanwhile they require more care.
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With the above advantages of chiffon, there could also be some disadvantages but not serious, like the dress being transparent. With this fabric property, a petticoat or a lining is needed. In addition, when choosing a chiffon dress, it should be the right fit and should not need any alterations as this fabric frays out when cut.