wants to be the one-stop online store for affordable tires & car related products


Olaseni Odukoya, the former co-founder of Etyres has launched to bring the sales of tyres, batteries, lubricants and other car products online.

He says, the market, which is mostly offline has untrustworthy dealers engaging in dishonest scams to fleece innocent buyers. therefore aims to be Nigeria’s trusted and verifiable platform for people and organisations looking for a tyre dealer/supplier in Nigeria.

The e-commerce site lets users buy premium tyre brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Riken, Infinity etc in 3 simple steps. Buyers choose the type of tyres they want, order and pay and have them delivered to their homes or offices or fitting centre.

Users can shop by their brand choice, size, vehicle and budget. You can also shop for your batteries, oil lubricants and tires’ kit on The platform provides users with what they need to take care of their cars.

“When buying tyres, most car owners get duped of their hard-earned money. They end up buying tyres at inflated prices, get bad and expired tires advertised as new. solves that problem and adds convenience for its customers.” said Olaseni Odukoya, Founder, “We are looking to collaborate with more brands, and we want people to be aware of the importance of shopping for original car accessories as it impacts on road safety. The overall safety of road users is paramount for us.” serves individuals and corporate bodies and is working on adding more partners on the platform. has collaborated with fitting centres across Lagos to provide after-sales services for their tyres. They are also introducing a tyre financing option for customers who have tight budgets. The website has several tips educating users on air pressure, alignment, measuring tyre threads and determining the age of a tyre.