Ampion Ventures to invest 6-digit tranches into Kenyan & Nigerian startups


Ampion Ventures which launched yesterday is set to invest 6-digit tranches into African startups to help them to build scalable digital business models in Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria and selected African countries.

Over the past six years, Ampion has supported over 80 start-ups in 16 African countries with the help of partners such as MTN, SAP, Merk, Microsoft and international development cooperation institutions. One of the many success stories, for example, is the Nigerian fintech start-up, Accounteer, a smart cloud accounting platform that is now one of the leading accounting software systems in Nigeria and recently secured investment from Meltwater, a US investor.

Apply now! Founders with an industry focus in Agri-, Energy- and Fin-Tech in Africa

When it comes to establishing new tech start-ups in Africa, Ampion Ventures is increasingly focusing on start-ups in the agri-, energy- and fintech sectors. In addition to providing start-up capital, the team offers local start-ups with operational and strategic support, a strong network, and international corporate partnership opportunities. Interested founders and start-ups from around the world with an African focus can now apply to Ampion Ventures for collaboration.

Link to application form: