Kenya’s Blockchain Startup CapAgri selected into æternity Ventures’s 2nd Starfleet Accelerator Program


Kenya’s CapAGRI Africa, a last-mile mobile financing platform for Smallholder farmers across African Agricultural Markets has been selected among the most-promising seed stage blockchain startups from around the world to take part in æternity Venture’s ‘Starfleet’ Accelerator Programme.

Kenya’s Ridesafe and Utu were part of æternity’s 2018 cohort.

According to Nikola Stojanow, æternity’s CBDO and æternity Ventures’ CEO: “The Starfleet Accelerator Program demonstrates that, contrary to some of the bearish headlines about investments in the blockchain space, funding is available for the most promising and hard working startup projects. We have received applications from around the world and have 14 startups from USA, Europe, Africa and South America competing for funding that will help us collectively establish aeternity as the leading global smart contract platform where blockchain startups flourish.”

CapAGRI aims to provide smallholder farmers more favorable, affordable and below market interest rates on cash advances and farm inputs loans based on Agricultural Produce that they have supplied, and are awaiting payment for (Accounts Payable).

The Starfleet Accelerator Program has invited 14 innovative teams from all over the world to join them during Genesis Week commencing March 11, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

capAGRI and the 13 other startups will undergo mentoring in areas such as business models, token economics, æternity apps architecture, blockchain infrastructure and tooling, pitching to investors, and media relations from recognized experts.

Starfleet have welcomed their first successful applicant from South America – Instatrust, the Venezuelan startup who plans to launch a multi purpose P2P exchange. It protects parties involved in a trade from fraud through a smart contract.

Germany has four finalists including HeyTax, who aims to ease taxes on cryptocurrencies by creating a solid legal framework for all cryptocurrencies; Abend – an open community governed ticketing platform. They provide platform for organizers around the world to start a ticket sale with different kind of tokens. Blockchain Fashion Project – a community of fashion designers, professionals and customers curating a tokenized product selection to validate, improve and sell products. Last but not least, Inupesa – a hosted wallet service for people without internet access in developing countries.

The Balkans have also been represented with innovative blockchain ideas from Croatia – Cryptotask, as decentralized task-oriented platform for the freelancing market, Cyprus based Excal Technologies who has designed a blockchain eCommerce platform that unites small retailers with the unemployed youth and Serbian based Crypto Legends, a blockchain based card game where you can own your own heroes independently from developers.

Other projects invited to Starfleet include Nyctale, a French-based startup with data science tools to monitor distributed ledger technologies, analyzing crypto-assets and token usage; Aenomaly a UK startup aiming to improve the quality of search results for the education sector and for general internet users; Say from Iran that enables donors to improve the lives of children across the world with micro-donations from their phones. Blintech from Spain who has developed a game aiming to teach the language of æternity and finally, 214 Alpha from USA who has built an all-inclusive identity/commerce/governance framework for customers to keep their money and affairs in order utilizing a multi-functional, pre-integrated mobile app. 

The teams who successfully complete Genesis Week will then be invited to proceed to the Acceleration Stage — a four-week program of mentorships and further rigorous training.

”Startfleet Demo Day” will be held on April 11, 2019 where the teams will have the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of investors, thought leaders, media, and the global community of æternity and secure funding of up to $100,000 in AE tokens.