Epesi, a Matatu Scheduling Platform Goes Live in Nairobi to Bring Sanity to the Chaotic Public Transport Sector


Epesi Trip Planner a Matatu scheduling platform has launched in Kenya to bring sanity in the country’s chaotic public transport sector.

Targeted at public transport especially the Matatu and Bus Companies and Saccos, the platform makes it easier for users to plan their trips before they leave. Drivers can also use Epesi Trip Planner to control, monitor and route vehicles instead of the manual boards found in the bus stations.

According to Mary Mwangi the CEO of Data Integrated, “Matatus are authentically Kenyan, They serve an important need. All they need is technology, collaboration and good infrastructure to make them thrive. While the government has done well to expand infrastructure, they lag behind when it comes to technology. Technology will help us to better plan for our city and reduce traffic jams.”

Ms Mwangi says ultimately, the end game is to have a formalized public transport system that will benefit passengers which is predictable, safe and well organized. “Soon, passengers will be able to plan, monitor & book matatus online. This will save them time,” she says.

Traffic jams and congestion at bus stops, cash leakages, lack of efficiency and transparency and tedious manual processes are some of the challenges that Matatu Saccos face when managing their buses.

Epesi Trip Planner answers to these problems. The vehicle scheduling platform queues, routes, maps, and manages rides, drivers & conductors in real-time. The solution was successful tested at City Shuttle Bus Company, before its unveiling. Epesi Trip Planner aims to be an easy, effective and affordable way for public transport managers to manage their fleets.

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“As a bus company we have greatly benefitted from the trip planner. The manual system was prone to error and we lacked critical data to make business decisions. The errors and human interference led us to lose a lot of money. With this system, we are minimising errors, serving our customers better and improving our revenues. We are looking forward to introducing an app for passengers where they can easily monitor and get information on our vehicles,” says Martin Karuga, the Chief Executive Officer of City Shuttle Bus Company.

The system which is customizable to each bus company needs, meets local demands a clear illustration that Kenyan companies are capable of developing superior solutions that solves local problems.

Data Integrated currently works with more than 80 public transport companies that includes matatus, ferries and commercial fleet companies.