Andrew Dell, Former CEO of HSBC Africa is Appointed as Senior Advisor to Asoko Insight.


Asoko Insight, a corporate  data  platform,  helping banks, investors and multinationals in Africa cut costs for their business development and due diligence strategies has appointed Andrew Dell as Senior Advisor.

The development is part of the firm’s 2019 plan to introduce leading-edge digital tools for global banks to identify and onboard African companies.

In a statement, Rob Withagen, CEO, Asoko Insight said, “Andrew’s experience and track record are second to none and we’re thrilled to have him on board. He brings a robust knowledge of the KYC and compliance issues that African banks face and which Asoko aims to overcome.”

African banks and global investors endure significant challenges when it comes to the efficiency of industry sizing, lead generation, on-boarding, and KYC processes. In his role, Andrew will help expand Asoko’s Verify Africa platform among banks and private equity firms active across the continent, supporting their objectives to reduce due diligence costs and grow their pan-African footprint.

“Sourcing reliable information to identify, verify and onboard corporate clients across Africa is time-consuming and expensive. Asoko’s purpose-built solutions are addressing the challenge by providing enterprise-access to instant, accurate and up-to-date information on the continent’s leading growth markets, businesses and the people who run them,” said Andrew Dell, Senior Advisor, Asoko Insight.