5 Jerseys That Can Withstand Endurance Racing


Endurance racing is no joke. Avid riders push the boundaries on a long-distance track that’s designed to test your limits. Success is often determined by the physical strength of the racer, along with the durability and condition of his or her gear. When decking yourself out for your upcoming race, consider a riding jersey from this list of standouts.

  1. Fox Blackout Jersey

A mesh panel in the back of the Fox Blackout Jersey gives you maximum airflow throughout the race. The black color is cool and sophisticated; just make sure you wear reflectors if riding at night.

  • Fly Kinetic Mesh Trifecta Jersey

If you like to be bold with your motorcycle apparel, then you’ll love the vivid colors and patterns of the Fly Kinetic Mesh Trifecta Jersey. The collar is designed to provide added stretch, made from thermoplastic rubber and other materials.

  • Troy Lee Designs GP Honda Jersey

Troy Lee Designs brings this Honda Jersey to market with the strongest mesh polyester. Angled cuffs give you great maneuverability, while the tail comes equipped with a gel print to ensure it stays tucked in for the longest ride.

  • Thor Prime Pro Apollo Jersey

The moisture wicking material of the Thor Prime Pro Apollo Jersey is designed to keep the sweat off your back. The fade-resistant graphics are both resilient and unique; no matter how long the race, you’ll be looking good all the way to the finish line.

  • Answer Syncron Drift Jersey

The Answer Syncron Drift Jersey is made from polyester stretch fabric with extra comfort around the collar for endurance rides. This design comes in a multitude of colors, so you can express the bold shade of your choice.

Embrace your inner thrill seeker and make the choice that’ll get you through the long haul. With comfortable gear on your back, endurance racing can give you the greatest high.