Top 5 Most Important SEO Services


Hiring an SEO company to help your business rank well in Google can be one of the most overwhelming things. It feels like taking an old vehicle to a mechanic and hearing them talking about the kind of repairs that they need.  But how can you ensure that your SEO Company is doing a good job for your business? First, you need to know the kind of services that you require. Here are some of the most common SEO services.

1.    On Page SEO

These refer to the activities that are done on the page that’s to be published. Simply put, they are the tasks that help optimize a given page such that it can appear higher on the search engine result pages. These activities include Meta tags, inserting internal links, the alt attributes, building a customized URL, handling the image SEO and providing users with quality content.

2.    Off page SEO

This kind of SEO normally helps boost the websites domain authority. While the On page SEO positions a website rank, the off-page can greatly increase the authority of the website. And Google’s interpretation of what the website we should rank for. Some of the activities include sharing a post, liking the post on social media, giving a star rating for the post, and answering the queries to the target consumers. It’s one of the services that SEO specialist based in melbourne provides.

3.    Keyword research

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the SEO project. Before a small business can come up with a plan to boost its rankings, it has to know which keywords to target. Basically, a page should target one or two keywords. In order to cover different aspects of your business, you need to have enough pages targeting different unique keywords. It’s also very important to look for synonyms. More so, you may look for prefixes or adjectives that support your keywords.

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4.    Page optimization

If you already have a page that’s dedicated to a particular topic, you simply need to ensure that it’s optimized for search engines. Since search engines are just like computers they require some guidance to make sure they understand the subject matter well. A good SEO agency or consultant will be able to make technical underpinnings and modifications to the content of your pages. This type is service is ideal for small businesses and is much more affordable than starting from scratch. In fact, in most instances, a page only requires a minor adjustment to be better understood by Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

5.    Technical Audit

Since search engines are just computers, they require some guidance when it comes to understanding and crawling your site. Thankfully, Google has a few tools that allow professionals to provide more details about the subject matter and the site’s content. A skilled service provider should be familiar with these standards and have the required tools that he can employ in your site. While e-commerce sites require the most technical SEO, brochure ware sites needs are less dynamic. The good thing is that auditing costs are not very expensive.

While hiring an SEO specialist based in melbourne to look at your site can be intimidating, by knowing some of the key services, you’ll not only be on the right track but, you’ll also not be taken for a ride.