Types of Insurance Suitable for Self-Employed Electrician


If you are an electrician and perform your duties on your own, then it is very much important to take insurance to get tailored protection. There are different types of insurance covers, and some are given below for your concern. In this way, you will be able to choose the right one.

Public and Product Liability

This kind of cover claims the damages occur due to negligence like faulty installation of wiring or defective repairs that might result in property damage or personal injury.

Personal Accident and Illness

The risks of electrocution are high in the electric business, and the risks of daily basis are separate. The insurance policy helps in protecting you and your business in case of personal injury due to an accident or illness.

General Property

Electrical tools and appliances play an important part in our lives. The damages because of the electrical work can make a lot of a mess if a short circuit happens. Also, the tools of an electrician is also a vital part of his livelihood; if anything happens, like theft, damage or loss of equipment, an insurance policy got his back. If you are self-employed, then get some information about business accounting tools from carefulcents.com. They are very easy to access due to the 24/7 online presence.

Fire and Defined Events

Damage from the fire is also very important to point out in the electric work. A short-circuit due to defective workmanship can damage a lot of things, sometimes causing a fire in the house. In the events of lightning, fire can also damage other things, earthquakes and storm damage can also occur in defined circumstances. These accidents are from the mother’s nature, but they are hard to cover if you look in your pocket, an insurance policy can cover these damages without being a weight on your shoulders.

Why Do Electricians Need Insurance?

When it comes to workers like electricians, we all know better than electricians face more hazards every day because the possibilities and risk are larger. So unlike other professions, the risks are higher in the work of an electrician. Here are the risks that an electrician can face on a daily bases:

  • Fire
  • Welding accidents
  • Liability hazards
  • Risk of electrical burns or electrocution
  • Solder, solvents and other hazardous materials
  • Injury or death (in case of severe electrical shock)

That’s why the insurance policy we are offering helps in saving both the client side and the business owners from spending too much as compensation. With the safety policy, a person is safe with business.

Is Insurance Mandatory for Electricians?

There are few states in Australia where the government requires an insurance policy to allow people the certification of working there. The self-employed electrical workers are required to hold a valid public liability policy to get the contractor license of work.

Also, a lot of buildings are very strict about the working license and insurance policy before you start working there. The insurance policy is a must-have to start work in any building.