40 tips on how to promote your Instagram


Colorful pictures of a breakfast in a new cafe and pictures of scenes from the azure beach are the business card of your account. But sometimes quality posts are not enough to win the hearts of thousands of followers. If you dream of becoming an Instagram influencer, these tips are for you!

Let’s begin!

  1. Buy Instagram comments from real people. Don’t be shy, everyone does it, and it’s okay! It’s the perfect way to make your image or video popular, so Instagram’s algorithm puts your post in the feed of your followers. It will also become your social proof.
  2. Like as much as you can. For every 100 likes delivered to random photos, you will receive an average of 6 new subscribers.
  3. Hold a competition. The fastest way to do this is to post a theme image and ask people to like it and to participate.
  4. Start promoting your profile on your pages of other social networks: Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…  Write about what your blog is about and why people should read it and invite them to join.
  5. Be generous with likes and comments – this is the easiest way to attract new followers.
  6. Use common hashtags, so your photos appear in a global search. The most popular are #love, #instagood, #fashion and #photooftheday.
  7. Time is important. Studies have shown that it is best to post between 2 pm and 5 pm.
  8. Subscribe to people who are popular to increase your visibility on the network.
  9. Remember, quality is important, not quantity. Clean your profile and leave only beautiful and high-quality photos. Believe me, no one is interested in flipping through hundreds of pictures of salads.
  10. Use the Mayfair filter.
  1. Check if you have completed the section with your biography. Add it with appropriate words and hashtags, as well as provide a link to your site. But remember no spam! Otherwise, possible followers will lose interest in the profile.
  2. Ask questions to your followers. This is a great way to establish contact with the target audience.
  3. Publish on Sundays. It is on this day that few people upload photos so your post will be seen by the maximum number of people.
  4. Be consistent. Think for whom and why you are doing this. The clearer you answer these questions, the faster you will attract the right audience.
  5. Call people to action. For example, ask them to write in the comments about their opinion about your photo.
  6. Do not be afraid to post often. It may seem that the more often the photos are posted, the more indifferently the followers react. But according to the Union Metrics program, there is no relationship between the frequency of publication of publications and audience activity.
  7. Follow the suggested users. Go to the settings and select “Find and invite friends,” and then “Recommended users.”
  8. Set geolocation. This will be especially useful if you run Instagram companies. So you will have the opportunity to attract new followers.
  9. Plan your publications using the Later program.
  10. Agree with a famous blogger about advertising your profile or product. This will cause information about you to spread across the network quickly.
  11. Studies have shown that blue images get 24% more likes than orange or red. Photograph something blue, and see for yourself!
  12. Let posting on Wednesdays become your obligatory ritual. This is because, during the week, the publications get more attention and likes.
  13. Often write the word “comment” in the caption of your posts. This encourages your followers to share their opinions and be more willing to join the discussion.
  14. Post photos where you can see your face. According to studies, such publications are 35% more popular than others.
  15. Write on the photos of fans. Your profile will then also be seen by friends of friends.
  16. Remember the rule: the more light, the better.
  17. If you are running a business account, create a corporate hashtag. So users can specify it when buying a product or service. And it will increase your visibility on Instagram.
  18. Share live photos. Show that there is a living person behind a beautiful picture.
  19. Business reception: share photos of followers where they mention your brand or product. This pleasant step shows that you value every customer. In exchange, they will definitely share your pictures on their social media.
  20. Make yourself a brand: use your nickname, not only for the profile. A notebook, case or branded sticker on the car will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential followers.
  21. Invite your Facebook friends to follow you. To do this, in the profile settings, select “Find friends on Facebook.”
  22. People love Stories. Share your feelings and thoughts, so you will gain their trust and make contact. Just remember that posting should always be something clever or fun.
  23. Tag people, even in stories, do not be lazy.
  24. Feel free to ask your likes on your posts. As practice has shown, such publications get 89% more likes!
  25. Plan in advance: not only time but also content. For example, write posts a few days in advance, and then gradually publish them. Schedule Instagram, so it doesn’t distract you from the main idea: the blog.
  26. Make a post with a motivating or inspirational quote. Preferably written by yourself.
  27. Synchronize your contacts with the account. Go to the settings and select “Contacts” in the “For followers.”
  28. Be active in profiles with similar topics. Especially if you run a business profile. Communicate in the comments, ask questions and let influential users know you exist.
  29. Collaborate with other users. Find accounts with the same number of followers and offer their owners to arrange a mutual collaboration. This will help you and your partners to win an audience and attract the attention of new people.
  30. Create a unique hashtag with which you can organize a challenge for your followers.