10 Tips for Renting a Party Bus for a Sorority Formal Event


Perhaps you have tried to look for the perfect party bus to no avail. Indeed, the whole process can be a hard ask. Here are the top 10 tips to help you make the best decision for your group:

1) Find a Reputable Bus Rental Company

This is arguably one of the biggest steps towards finding the best vehicle for your group. It would help if you validated the credibility of the chosen company by ensuring that they have the current permit, insurance, and license. One of the major challenges faced by party geeks planning is the rogue operators. You need a reputable party bus rental company that features an exclusive collection of rides to help you settle for what suits your group best.

2) Planning In Advance

Party buses have increasingly gained popularity in recent years. However, it would be naïve to think that you are the only one preparing to hire a vehicle for his or her group. Many individuals are of the same idea and the earlier you start, the higher your chances of getting the best vehicle with all the desired amenities.

3) Choose the Right Vehicle

Knowing the exact number of travelers is a crucial aspect of your rental needs. It would be pointless to rent a 40-passenger bus when you only need a 20-passenger party bus. Consider doing a headcount if possible to avoid any confusion along the way.

4) Planning Your Destination

This may seem like an obvious step, but it is just as important as anything else. Whether you will need multiple stops during your journey or break for dinner somewhere along the way, it is prudent to make your driver informed of the same. This ensures that you arrive safely and as quickly as possible.

5) Know the Cost

Pricing is a key aspect to put into account. It is essential to understand what the hourly rate will be in addition to finding out what happens if you extend the trip. Even if you are planning to rent the bus as a group and divide the cost among yourselves, it is necessary to figure out the entire cost to ensure even contribution.

Most of the rentals are extended by 30 minutes. Therefore, when planning for the event, it is crucial to put this into consideration to help you figure out the total cost.

6) Bring Refreshments Along

The idea that you can party while on board gives a thrilling experience during your journey. However, how will you party if you do not have refreshments? Some transport companies disallow alcohol. Know the rules of the chosen company before booking.

7) Snacks Are a Must-Have

Most party rental buses are rented for about 8 hours on average. Therefore, you will most probably feel hungry along the way. Even if this were not the case, light snacks are a worthy addition to your entertainment as the party goes into the evening.

8) Follow All Safety Rules

Despite being a party bus, it is still under the docket of transportation. Thus, listen keenly to the driver’s instructions and follow all the safety rules. Refrain from such behaviors that would lead to damages while onboard.

9) Choose Your Music

The best part of party bus renting is that most of the companies offer radio or satellite radio for entertainment along the way. However, you may still need to bring your music on an iPod or CD. Consider discussing this with the company beforehand.

10) Take Beverages

Adults in your group are likely to find their fun in beverages. If this is the case, then you should bring such drinks during your trip.