Kobo360 officially launches in Accra, Ghana


Kobo360, a Lagos-based logistics and supply chain platform has officially launched in Ghana as part of its Pan-African expansion.

Kobo360 has been in beta operation in Ghana for 3 months and has already recorded over 100 trips. This official launch will help the firm sign up more customers and streamline the logistics industry.

Speaking at the Accra official launch, Chief Operating Officer – West Africa of Kobo360, Bilal Abdullah said, “We foresee great opportunities in Ghana – not just for us, but also for our clients and drivers. By moving into Ghana, we are connecting all of the markets and are building a global logistics operating system [G-LOS] that will support our clients in their quest to move their cargo around the continent.

“With Ghana’s port of Tema undergoing major expansion works in order to quadruple it’s handling capacity, we are anticipating demand for a safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of goods, which is where Kobo360 will be instrumental.”

The firm sees that Ghana’s port of Tema, a key trading and transport hub in Africa, with annual growth of 7.9% with traffic reaching 836,000 twenty-foot equivalent units [TEU] in 2018, the third-highest in West Africa, is one of the biggest markets for Kobo360.

Tema is also launching new port facilities scheduled to be completed in June 2019, and is expected to support the countries economic growth by providing 3.5 million TEUs. According to sources, the port’s breakwater and access channel is due to accommodate the world’s largest container ships, and the first two deep-water berths are expected to receive commercial vessels.

Kobo360 aims to use data and technology to match user requests with a selection of quality trucks of all categories and across all regions in Ghana. Using a combination of its mobile technology and analytics, Kobo360 is fixing inefficiencies which exist in the road-based logistics business, delivering huge value and positive experiences to global logistics partners including Flour Mills of Nigeria, DHL and Lafarge.

Kobo360 aims to work with key global logistics brands such as Federated Logistics, JK Horgli Transport Co. Limited, Kwaku Duah Transport and Olam Ghana.

Kobo360 is expected to be in nine African countries by end of 2019. To-date, the firm has moved over 297m KG of goods, serviced over 1,461 businesses and aggregated a fleet of over 10,000.