Copia goes on all e-commerce, with new platform & fulfillment center to be the ‘Amazon’ for rural Kenya


Copia Kenya, today launched their new warehouse in Tatu City today, as well as their e-commerce platform which will now allow customers to buy goods online for their family and friends back upcountry.

Previously, there services were only available via agents but now they have gone online in a move expected to make Copia Kenya full e-commerce service known as Copia Online.

According to the firm, Copia Online will make it easier for people living in urban areas to buy and deliver goods to their friends and family upcountry in a single end-to-end process instead of sending cash, or buying the goods themselves and transporting them upcountry using a courier service.

With $20m in equity financing from multiple investors, Copia Online aims to provide customers in urban areas the ability to purchase a range of products from household goods, electronics, farming tools and construction materials online for their families and or friends upcountry. Copia contacts the recipient of the goods directly and co-ordinates delivery with them through the nearest agent.

Apart from delivering to rural areas, Copia Online also allows people living in urban areas to buy and send goods to the outskirts of their urban area. The products that Copia Online deal with are: personal care, household, electronics, energy, beauty, baby, health, school supplies, transport, construction material and farming equipment

“Copia’s rapid growth in just five years shows the demand that exists among Kenyans in both rural and urban areas for digitally-powered solutions that make their day-to-day shopping needs easier.” said Tim Steel, CEO, Copia Kenya while speaking during the launch of Copia Online at Tatu City Industrial Park.

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Copia’s new logistics and distribution hub at Tatu City Industrial Park is a 4,000 sq m modern facility set to streamline the fulfillment of customer orders and will help facilitate Copia’s expansion into Western Kenya and other parts of the country in a move expected to make it easier for people living in urban areas to buy goods and have them delivered to their friends and family upcountry.

Copia Online will provide consumers living in urban areas of Kenya the ability to shop for products ranging from household goods, to farming tools, electronics, construction materials and more. After checkout, Copia does the rest – by contacting and locating the recipient, identifying the nearest agent and delivering the goods in two to four days.

Copia has more than 3,700 agents across Central Kenya and parts of Rift Valley and has fulfilled more than two million orders and served over 300,000 customers while providing an additional source of income to its agents.