Improve Your Marketing Campaign on a Shoestring Budget


Whether yours is a startup or a small business going through a tough time, you may find yourself in a position of wanting to improve your marketing campaign but have little cash flow to dedicate to the process. If you’re searching for ways to optimize your visibility, increase brand awareness, and market your product or service more widely, don’t give up. There are many things you can do to get yourself noticed without spending a fortune.

Optimize your social media presence. It doesn’t cost you anything but time and effort to create business accounts on a variety of social media platforms. By doing so, you develop an opportunity for your consumers to get to know you, to interact with the content you create, and to increase your brand awareness. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are all places where your customers may come for interesting commentary and stay to learn more about you, your product or service, and one another. It’s never too late to begin building a following and generating a sense of community and connectedness that can actually drive sales over time.

This does not mean that you won’t need help from time to time. When you first get started, you may find that an Instagram growth service may be a wise investment for a portion of your marketing budget. Getting real followers who can help you extend your reach and drive traffic to your site may end up meaning big returns in the end. Remember to promote your social media sites by adding your Twitter handle or Facebook account information to your business cards and your business website.

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Publish memorable content.  There are also ways to build your brand that are not social media marketing. Because many people do not understand the value of great content, you can stay ahead of your competitors by generating content. You may want to start blogging. Remember that articles featuring your knowledge and expertise can be shared in a variety of ways costs you nothing but time and energy. Blog the inspirational story of how you came to be in business or share your opinions about the industry at large. Publish a top 10 list or share a personal anecdote that is relevant to your product or service. Even if you aren’t the best writer, someone on your team or in your life can certainly help you develop content that is share-worthy, and you can even invite a guest bloggers to share their insights, providing your readers with a diverse range of topics and voices.

Run a contest. A fun and easy way to grow your audience is to run some type of contest. Contest marketing generates interest and drives traffic, but is of little cost to you. You can develop a photo contest of individuals wearing your product. Photo contests are easy to enter because anyone with an Instagram account can submit their image. The result of this is that followers will interact with you and with one another, creating a flurry of user-generated contest you can use on other social media platforms. Try a caption contest where you post a photo and your Facebook friends submit their best caption. Drive interest, repeat traffic, and brand awareness with a contest that is easy to participate in and fun to watch.

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Infographics. Some of the best Instagram tools help you connect with followers and influencers, but what are they going to see when they get to your site? Developing an Infographic can be inexpensive but robust marketing tools. Quickly understood at a glance, infographics are interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to share. As a result, they can be an effective way to increase interest in your site and generate referral traffic. You can make some on your own if you have a basic understanding, or check out some of the free, online, drag-and-drop designing tools that can assist with templates or offer completed projects that can give you ideas for creating your own.

Appreciate your customers. As you work to build your following, it’s important to ensure that your existing customers know they are appreciated. If the goal of marketing is to create loyalty and repeat sales, offering your consumers a free product or month of service for referring new customers can get you noticed. Encourage your customers to talk to their friends and family and create a powerful word-of-mouth endorsement. Not only can it jumpstart your business and spread the good word, but your faithful customers will also appreciate and reward your business with positive feedback, good reviews, and repeat sales.

What are some ideas you have for a cheap or free marketing campaign idea? Feel free to share here.