Mobile Gaming Has Come A Long Way Snake


If you are an avid gamer who plays on various mobile devices, you are most likely familiar with Snake. If you played the game, you probably were not aware of its many limitations. Fortunately, mobile gaming has improved over the past few years. These improvements have definitely changed the way gamers play in more ways than one. Below, you will discover a list of improvements made in mobile gaming since its invention.

Team Events

When mobile gaming was first introduced to the online world, there were not many opportunities for team events. In fact, most games had platforms that only offered solo play. When utilizing these platforms, gamers had to compete alone. There were no other team members to rely on. So, they trudged their way through obstacles just to level up and eventually beat the games.

No More Joysticks

Long has gone the need for joysticks in gaming. The introduction of touch screen capabilities transformed mobile gaming. Today, gamers can utilize a single digit to control gaming action. With this capability came more convenience, which only encouraged more people to play. Gamers can now control almost every aspect of the game by touching the screen on their mobile phone, tablet or iPad.

Level Up Faster

Leveling up was extremely difficult and almost impossible with older mobile games. Gamers would spend hours trying to defeat enemies just because they lacked functionality and capabilities to speed up the process. Today, gamers can make in-app purchases of special add-ons that can help speed up the process. It is possible to purchase food items to stay energized and alive longer, special attire and potions to make your character stronger and experience. There is now no end to the possibilities with in-app purchases.

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Better Graphics

To entice more people to play their games, developers decided to integrate with three-dimensional technology. Not only has this technology improved the graphics of mobile games, but also it provides the player with a life-like experience. This technology combined with state-of-the-art graphics software has definitely improved the way mobile games look and feel. See even the tiniest details on the screen, while you battle your way through some of the toughest underworlds.

Voice Commands

When you were playing Snake, you probably never imagined in your wildest dreams that someday you would be able to control actions with your voice. Well, you can and boy has it changed mobile gaming for the better. Instead of utilizing a keyboard, touch or mouse to control the game, you can do it with voice commands. Voice recognition technology gives gamers the ability to streamline their play. They can work their way through the most difficult levels by utilizing spoken language.


Most modern gamers would never agree to return to the old way of gaming. If they were forced to they would probably all agree to hang up their gloves. Developers continue to look for more ways to improve the world of mobile gaming. And, hardcore gamers continue to hope to see future improvements.