How is modern tech breathing life into old games?


When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur in Africa, choosing the right sector to move into is key. Setting up a new company in a vibrant industry that you have knowledge of is a great way to plan for long-term success. One big sector in Africa right now is tech – from Nigeria to Kenya, the tech scene is thriving here in modern times. Much of this is down to the adoption of cutting-edge tools such as AI by African tech companies, which they can then offer as a service.

The other big impact within tech in the continent and around the world is the way that companies are using modern technology to breathe life into old games. This has allowed the tech sector to use its more recent advances to reimagine old games and drive sales along with revenue. As the innovative technology used makes old games more attractive to play, more players are purchasing them or spending money playing them online. If you are wondering just what old games are on the comeback trail thanks to modern tech, then the below should help.

Bingo – reworked for a modern audience

Bingo now is big business with a revenue of $20bn worldwide! Much of this is down to modern online technology allowing the game to be played in a more modern, convenient way. Players now can simply log on via their mobile phone or PC to play when and where they like. Naturally, this is much more convenient than having to travel to the physical bingo hall on set nights each week. Online bingo is also much cooler in its look and feel, and has undergone a real image overhaul to attract more players. If you do fancy trying out this old classic again in the modern age, then make sure to find the best online bingo sites to use. These will not only be simple to navigate and sign up with but also give the best contemporary bingo games around to try out.

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VR versions of old tabletop games

Everyone remembers the old tabletop classics such as chess or Mahjong. The major thing that many will recall is how boring or dull they could be! Luckily, modern VR technology has made this a thing of the past and given these old board games a modern twist. Modern VR versions of classic tabletop games are more exciting and immersive, allowing a variety of on-the-go adaptations and weird and wonderful ideas, such as integrating streaming technology to challenge your own global audience. Even better, this technology is readily available now and affordable. VR headsets such as the Raptor have come down in price a lot in recent years to make the new VR takes on old board game classics much more accessible.

Multiplayer versions of old single-player video games

A big way that modern technology has helped is to simply revive older video games that were once popular. Tetris is a great example of this – although a real classic of its time, the original is too old and too basic to appeal to the modern gamer. However, the new version released in February 2019 called Tetris 99 shows how cutting-edge technology can reverse this. The new imagining of Tetris follows the popular battle royale format and uses online technology to enable 99 people to play at the same time. This use of modern internet networks makes for a much more fun and challenging game that appeals to the current gaming market.

Helps to keep historic franchises going

Do you know why a big-name franchise such as FIFA is still relevant despite being launched many years ago? It is purely down to the game developers using the advances in modern gaming technology to produce new, better versions of their games each year. Without modern tech to give new life to each new update, they would surely have died off a long time ago. If you look back to the original FIFA Football released in the mid-1990s and compare it to the latest installment, it is obvious how much modern tech has continued to breathe the life needed into it to make it a lasting success.

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Tech advances key for the future

As the above shows, the tech sector has been a big player in helping both traditional games along with video games move into modern times. For any African entrepreneur, this shows not only what effect technology has but also the crucial role it plays in modern business. As technology within games and other sectors continues to advance, this will only become truer.