Technology in Sport Today II Pros and Cons


It is hard to avoid the fact that the recent progress of technology is rapid. The number of devices and apps that can be helpful for sports is enormous, and we can see how it affects the industry.

The Inevitable Impact of Technology Today

Almost fifty years ago, it was hard to imagine how technology could change hockey, football, basketball, or baseball, and yet, some examples show us that the possibilities are endless. Using the latest innovations, such as augmented reality, online broadcasting, sports betting or social media, scientists and developers are turning our world upside down. Nevertheless, when it comes to tech, there are always pros and cons.

Social Media Engagement

With Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, many fans around the world have an excellent opportunity to support their favorite teams and communicate with each other. It is not a secret that today all big teams have social media pages and they constantly provide fans with the latest information. Now, fans don’t have to wait the next day to find out the score.

Pros: All data and information available online.

Cons: It requires a stable connection to keep your hand in.

Online Broadcasting

Decades ago, you had to have a TV to watch a favorite sport, and if you did not have one – you could easily miss the best moments. However, this issue is almost solved thanks to advanced technology. In the present day, fans have various opportunities not to miss essential matches. By virtue of online broadcasting, it is possible to find professional streams via the Internet to watch your favorite teams competing for a championship.

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Pros: Many online platforms allow you to watch and download sporting events/games.

Cons: You may be unable to use it due to different restrictions.

Fantasy Sports & Betting

The revolutionary wave of technology also shaped activities, such as fantasy sports and betting. Not long ago, it was not so accessible as it is now. Currently, you can visit many websites to create your dream-team or register on betting online platforms instead of going out. The possibilities for fans are limitless, and it is easier to get fun experience via your Internet browser.

Pros: You can follow favorite sports games on many platforms by forming perfect squads in Fantasy or by increasing your financial situation, especially if you are interested in betting online tanzania.

Cons: It is important to know that you are using trustworthy and robust websites before you start playing or betting.

Virtual Reality

The latest breakthrough in the tech world. Many developers are working hard to let people experience their favorite sports games using non-traditional methods. Moreover, some devices allow you to watch various sports competitions without being present on stadiums. Although many projects are still in progress, there is no doubt that such technology may change the whole sports industry.

Pros: A perfect opportunity to enjoy various sports activities via VR helmet.

Cons: Still does not replace original sport.