3 Reasons You Need A POS System for Your Restaurant


The moment a customer makes a payment to your restaurant is called a point of sale (POS). A POS system is the software or hardware used to keep track of your restaurant’s check outs and sales. To go further, a cloud-based POS system can be accessed from the Internet using any mobile device. As a result, it is much more strategically-convenient than a standard/physical POS system. Not to mention, your restaurant can sync data among all approved devices. You might think your eatery is too small for a cloud-based POS system, but that couldn’t be further from the truth — especially if you want to improve both growth and efficiency. The cloud will continue to be on the forefront of business trends for all industries and consumer demand.

Keep Your Restaurant Open for the Long Term

According to a recent Cornell University study, around 26 percent of restaurants shutter their doors after the first year in business. As a restaurant manager, you understand the fierce competition and market perils that surround running a successful eatery. There are many reasons why restaurants can fail, but it can also boil down to the right data needed to ensure your business turns a profit. Yet, it is extremely difficult to try to keep track of all the data on your own — especially if you are an expert in the kitchen but not so much in dealing with data and number crunching. So, this is where a POS system can be of a real advantage for your food company.

Whichever model, and features, suit your business best can provide a wide array of details surrounding your business from using sales reporting to better understand your current market to monitoring all areas of your business from employee time to purchasing. Then, you can get a big-picture overview of this type of data to make better decisions around employee hours, purchasing, and even advertising.

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Simplify In-Restaurant Communications

Let’s face it, humans make errors. When a server is overwhelmed with tables, they may write down an incorrect order or fumble something else. With a pre-filled POS system, you no longer have to deal with human errors. All the server has to do is tap the menu items, or the customer can do it with a device at their table, and the correct orders go directly to the kitchen for prompt and efficient service. The customer gets what they want. The kitchen will receive the correct order, and everything will continue to flow as it should.

Keep Verifiable Track of Inventory

One common pitfall of many restaurants is insider theft. Food is everywhere, and it can be tempting for someone to steal a piece of fruit or bread here and there. But, one piece of bread and a few vegetables going missing can add up to significant loss over time. With a restaurant POS system, you no longer have to worry about manually counting all your food inventory. The system can keep track of it for you so that all you have to worry about is providing the best food for your ideal customer.

Final Thought

As you can see, restaurants of all sizes can benefit from a POS system. With the many options available on the market today, you can certainly find one to fit both your budget and needs. Plus, customers are used to mobile devices, so the usage of a cloud POS system will fit right in with their current tech habits.