Fantastic Views: 6 World’s Most Amazing Observation Decks


During the trip, there are moments when you want not only to walk along cozy streets and gateways, but also to see the city and its surroundings from a height, as if feeling yourself to be the ruler of the world.

Unfortunately, this opportunity is not available everywhere. However, we have found 6 amazing viewing platforms, from which you can see not only all the details of the life of a metropolis, but also magnificent creations of nature. The best way to visit them is to use a rental vehicle. At, you will find the most suitable cars wherever you need.

Sky Bridge, Langkawi, Malaysia


(photo by naturalholidaysindia assam)

Placed between two mountain peaks, Sky Bridge is a 125-meters-long construction on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. It has a curved shape and a very interesting way of support, so that you can admire the surrounding landscapes from different angles. The entire weight of the bridge falls on 8 cables attached to a single support.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, but this bridge is a true architectural creation. Sky Bridge was built in 2004, and it’s considered to be the highest single-support bridge in the world. On the edges of the bridge there are triangular platforms where you can stop and admire the wonderful view of the island, the Andaman Sea and the neighboring islands.

In order to climb the Heavenly Bridge, you need to take a cable car ride. It consists of two sections with the total length of 2.2 kilometers.

The climb takes about 20 minutes. So as long as you climb and walk on this unique bridge, you will be surrounded by the virgin nature of Langkawi Island.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon Skywalk

(photo by Sileong)

The famous Grand Canyon invites everyone to its viewing platform in the form of a horseshoe – it’s located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters, and extends from the edge of the abyss to 20 meters. That is, in fact, you will walk directly over the gorge, which was once formed by the Colorado River.

If you are afraid of heights, then you definitely shouldn’t come there, because even the most courageous people become nervous in this place. The walls and floor are made of durable tempered glass with a thickness of 10 cm, but according to safety rules, not more than 120 tourists can be on the site at once.

The view from this height is incredible. It seems that Mars briefly descended to Earth and decided to show all its beauty to the travelers.

The best time is the early morning when the sun is just beginning to rise from the horizon and, of course, the evening when the sun is approaching sunset, leaving its parting rays on the red rocks.

Tianmen Glass Walkway, Hunan Province, China

Tianmen Mountain Glass walkway 0a

(photo by Ee Choo Liew)

The Chinese like to invent original things, so it’s not surprising that in the distant province of Hunan there’s a glass bridge that separates tourists from a 100 meters deep precipice.

The walk through this structure creates a feeling of flying through the air, because the 60 meters long and about a meter wide bridge is so high that it allows visitors to look at the peaks of the mountain peaks below.

After such an extreme attraction, a long cable car in a national park of Hunan Province will be just an easy stroll.

Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand

Sky Tower above the CBD

(photo by Ben Williams)

The Sky Tower in Auckland is the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Its height is more than three hundred meters and at the very top of the tower there’s an observation deck for tourists.

In fact, there are three sites, but two of them are placed much lower. At the very top of the Sky Deck area you’ll find a restaurant that turns around its axis and invites visitors to enjoy a delightful view of the city along with most delicious dishes.

The tower is made of aluminum, and its walls are covered with bluish-green glass, which reflects the lights.

The structure stands on eight racks allowing to firmly hold on the surface. Scientists estimate that even an earthquake won’t be able to destroy a television tower. Also, there’s a bungee jumping opportunity for especially fearless people.

5 Fingers Viewing Platform, Krippenstein, Austria

5 fingers, Krippenstein

(photo by Alexandra Crosby)

If you want to see the Alps in all their beauty, go to the 5 Fingers Viewing Platform in Krippenstein. This architectural wonder actually resembles five human fingers.

All the ‘fingers’ are decks of different lengths and each of them has its own trick. At the end of the first deck there is a funny frame for photographing portraits against the background of glaciers. The second one features a glass floor.

The third ‘finger’ is equipped with a board for jumping into the abyss, but it’s usually closed for tourists. The fourth deck has a hole in the floor, and the fifth offers a free telescope. What’s more, the entire platform is located above the incredibly beautiful Lake Hallstatt.

Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden

Ericsson Globe - SkyView

(photo by Helena)

Swedes like everything hi-tech and modern. Many years ago they built a sports palace in the form of a ball, to which in 2010 they attached mobile viewing platforms in the form of balls.

If you look at this magnificence, it will remind you of the smaller version of our solar system.

Specially designed glass balls-elevators lift to the very top of the sphere, from where an impressive view of the city opens from a height of 130 meters above the ground.

The entire journey takes 20 minutes, and those who are afraid of heights can buy a glass of champagne at the entrance and no longer think about fear.